Deputy PM Nick Clegg Favours £12m Charity Backed by His Wife

Deputy PM Nick Clegg Favours £12m Charity Backed by His Wife

Once again there are underhanded dealing as the Deputy Prime Minister intervenes in order to secure grants for his wife's charity from the public coffers.

DEPUTY PM NICK CLEGG FAVOURS £12m CHARITY BACKED BY HIS WIFE - Ah, the ‘Old Boys Network’ is still very much alive and kicking in Whitehall as it is announced that Nick took  it upon himself to intervene in the dishing out of public funds, for a charity that his wife is involved so it was able to benefit from the taxpayers coffers.

According to the article in the Daily Mail, both Labour and Tories joined forces to call for an investigation after a number of emails were leaked; clearly showing that Nick Clegg had a direct hand in his aides lobbying for the funds being granted; instead of going through the usual channels and competing with all the other eligible charities, as should be the case with public money.

‘There was unease at the way that it appeared Mr. Clegg wanted special treatment for Booktrust, and the fact that Miriam’s name came up.’ A Whitehall insider said.

From reports that are coming out of Whitehall it is believed that a number of officials were ‘extremely concerned’ over the way Nick Clegg pursued the funding for BookTrust, a charity his wife is heavily involved with.

Nick Clegg, and his inside cronies, have of course come to their own defense saying that there was “no wrongdoing” although when initially asked by reporters about the situation, Whitehall gave a clear “No Comment!” statement.

Regardless of how Nick Clegg and his cronies handle this one, there is no denying that emails, from his aide, Mr. Sanders, to the Department of Education, clearly asked that the charity money be given directly to BookTrust.

The decision to fast-track the money was made by Education Secretary Michael Gove, after receiving emails from Mr. Sanders, and it is reported the whole affair was also supported by our Prime Minister, that sterling pillar of society, David Cameron.

Well that’s the bones of the report.  The link above to the Daily Mail will give you direct access to the full story.  Now for my time on the soap box…

There’s an old saying from my neck of the woods… “Scratch a liar, find a thief” and in my opinion you don’t have to search very far in government to find a liar or a thief.  There is not a day that goes by without one of these greedy fools isn’t plunging their sticky fingers into the cherry pie.

The only real comforting thought here for the British public is the assured understanding that this member of the Ali Baba fraternity will never sit in the PM’s chair and in fact it is almost a certainty that this government is not going to see another term in power – well not unless the entire population pop off to the NHS for a frontal lobotomy en-mass.

If Nick Clegg had an ounce of moral fortitude he would stand up, admit his wrongdoings, and then step down as a Member of Parliament, but the  trouble is, he, and the rest of the ‘Old Boys Network’ couldn’t muster up enough moral fortitude combined to fill a Kipling’s mince pie.

What shocked at my open and frank analysis of the low life that we call government?  Well here’s an insight for you… When I was a kid my mother said to me; “There is only one thing in this life that you can give and keep at the same time… Your word, and without this you’ll just join the rank and file of all the other thieves and liars in this world.”

So you see I don’t mind standing up and saying what I think – at least it’s my open and honest opinion, based on the facts of the information I have at the time.  Libelous?  Now there’s another law that is mainly used to protect the guilty and if Nick Clegg or any of the other pond life wants to sue me in open court, go right ahead.  I’m as poor as a church mouse and frankly I could do with the publicity.

The bottom line of this article is that once again we see the ‘Old Boys Network’ working at its most efficient – not for the good of the British people, but for the few in the inner sanctum of what is clearly Ali Baba’s cave.  Note carefully here that the article does point out that both the Tories and have joined forces to investigate this matter in full.  Probably yet another lie that will see the thieves plunder the cookie jar, but what you might see, as a result, is Nick Clegg being hung out to dry, which only enforces the adage “There is no among thieves.”

I want to close this article by making it clear that I have used the words, Thief, Thieves, Liar and Liars quite clearly.  In my mind when an elected public official lies or does something underhanded in order to benefit themselves or those surrounding them, which involves the public purse, then this is a clear case of theft.

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