Dergin Tokmak: The Dancer on Crutches

by Dee | June 12, 2014 2:05 am

Inspiration may be found in many places but motivation can only come from within each of us and we often look to those who have been successful as our example when we want to change our lives.

It was no different for Dergin Tokmak, who at the age of 12 decided he wanted to be a dancer; a dancer like the one he saw in the American movie , Breakin’.

The dancer, who could not use his legs, relied on crutches as he danced across the floor and performed acrobatics. and Tokmak, like the dancer, does not have full use of his legs after suffering a bout of polio as an infant.

Now an adult, Tokmak performs with the famous Cirque de Soleil, playing the role of the Limping Angel in the production Varekai and is an inspiration to anyone who attends the performance.

I’ve included the video below.  As you watch it, be encouraged to follow your own dreams.

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