Devoted Teacher Ann Maguire Stabbed to Death in Classroom

by Editor | April 29, 2014 3:19 am

DEVOTED TEACHER ANN MAGUIRE STABBED TO DEATH IN CLASSROOM – Ann Maguire, a devoted Spanish and PE teacher at the Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds, was brutally stabbed to death in front of pupil by a 15 year old male pupil.

Ann Maguire - Murdered School Teacher[1]

It is the first time anyone can recall a teacher in the UK being murdered in a classroom; it was of course not the first time a teacher in the UK had been murdered for 18 years ago a headmaster, Philip Lawrence, was stabbed to death outside the gates of his school after he attempted to aid a pupil being set upon by a number of youths.

At present speculation is rife as to why the 15 year old school boy would want to murder a teacher that was much loved, respected and admired by staff and pupils alike.

Some have theory that he had a grunge after being given detention just a week ago, other’s talk of the boy being a social misfit, an outcast, one that had a picture of the Grim Reaper on his Facebook page, was into heavy metal and was bullied by other classmates.

According to The Guardian the number of school children who were expelled in 2011-12 for physical violence against a teacher rose to a staggering 17,520 incidences.

From the perspective of the British public this incident will be difficult to acknowledge for this type of atrocity only occurs in the U.S were numerous pupils have taken up arms and murdered their teachers and fellow classmates.

The disturbing fact is that in the last three years alone nearly one thousand pupils have been caught carrying lethal weapons into schools; these range from knives, hammers, axes and yes even guns.

It could be argued that Britain, when considering the derogation of our society, has merely been lucky up until now but many have seen this coming like a train wreck in slow motion; it really wasn’t a question of ‘if’ but rather simply a question of ‘when’.

The ‘when’ we now know but now everyone will want to know ‘why’; that is how could a child ever be driven to such a point whereby murder becomes the solution.  In the mind of a killer it is indeed a solution to a problem or craving and one that is finite as a result.

We now have talk of a ‘culture of violence’; certainly you can pick up any newspaper to determine that there is a rise in youth crime and whenever a story appears online it is not unusual for readers to attack the parents.

Yes the blame is often levelled at poor parenting but look closer at the ever increasing number of liberal laws and it has become clear that ‘discipline’ is not longer an acceptable practice in a civilised society… if this is what the liberals call civilised one can only cringe at what they consider uncivilised.

Spanking, shouting or admonishing a child in any form is now illegal in the UK; in fact the liberals took it one step further recently with an update to the Child Neglect Laws.  The addition has widely become known as the ‘Cinderella Law’ which effectively allows a child to prosecute their parents if the feel ‘starved of love’.

The truth is that no child is born into this world fundamentally good; we are in fact born narcissistic and it is the job of parents, teachers and society as a whole to give a child direction and purpose; if you think this is somewhat a ridiculous statement then watch the video below.

During mid-April a report was published that declared that UK children were now the worst behaved pupils in the world; yes we’ve allowed those in power to indoctrinate us into the politically correct ideology that a child should not be punished under any circumstance and the result… well that’s now obvious isn’t it with the untimely death of Ann Maguire.

The question that we feel most prevalent here is whether Ann Maguire would have died for nothing; that is will we set about blaming her murder on the ills of video games, heavy metal, social issues or will we finally stand up, find our spines and for the sake of Ann Maguire memory finally admit our failings?

Watch the news carefully over the next few weeks; we guarantee you Government will come out and talk about stricter controls on violent video games, they’ll talk of your failings to provide better care for your children with the suggestion you are not loving them enough; oh yes they’ll wrapped this whole affair around the social ills and the evils in the world but they won’t admit it’s due to the lack of basic discipline.

For those of you who refuse to listen to basic common sense you’ll read this article and put it down to another crackpot with a conspiracy theory; yes the very notion that we have failed as a society won’t be acknowledged or even considered for the Government will provide a plethora of reasons as to why this atrocity occurred and who would dare think that the Government would lie to the people.

Within less than a month the public would have forgotten all about Ann Maguire and will move on being subjected to Government indoctrination that it is unacceptable to punish a child in the order to provide direction.

There is of course substantial evidence that violent video games have played a part in the rise in violence among the youth of today but parents are now no longer able, under law, to deny a child for this will be seen as a wilful act of starving a child of affection by depriving them of the things they crave.

We are, in our view, quickly approaching a point where society is prepared to accept all manner of crime; evidence of this often witnessed as judges now more than ever hand out suspended sentence.

It could be argued that crime is now so rampant in society that there is simply no more room to lock up all the offenders and the ideology of rehabilitation is failing to such a degree that it is now pointless to even try.

Call this article what you will, admonish our views, vilify us and brush it aside as an ignorant attempt to justify the murder of Ann Maguire.

However, as time progresses and more ‘social laws’ are introduced, not only will your rights as a parent be taken away but it will prevent your child from being given direction and without such give them the belief that they are permitted to do anything they choose… even taking the life of another person.

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