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Did Google Moon Just Show Aliens on the Moon?

Did Google Moon Just Show Aliens on the Moon?

DID GOOGLE MOON JUST SHOW ALIENS ON THE MOON? – 22042’38.46N and 142034’44.52E; those according to some are the co-ordinates on the Moon which clearly show an alien craft when using Google Moon.

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Looking at the images it’s certainly a triangular anomaly that we wouldn’t attempt to explain and whether such an object is in fact alien technology remains questionable.

But how implausible would it be to discover alien’s watching the earth from the dark side of the moon?

Many people remain suspicious and sceptical of the idea that aliens exists but we continue accepting the myth of a heavenly power; that being God.

Jodie Foster, in the movie ‘Contact’ probably gave the best answer there will ever be as to whether life exists out therefore when a child asked her if alien’s existed she replied … “If we’re the only ones then it would be an awful waste of space.”

The facts are that we know of many planets in other galaxies and universes that could indeed hold life and to refute the possibility of life other than what is on earth is completely absurd;  there simply has to be other life forms, some less intelligent than our own and some vastly more so.

According to the people who found the unidentifiable object on the moon they have also said that an identical object has been found in Antarctica; could the two be working in alliance in order to determine the level of intelligence on earth in order to make friendly contact or is there a sinister plot to take over our planet in the making… who knows?

We certainly like the idea that there are other life forms out there and we can only hope that their intentions, when finally visiting, are not hostile.

For now this recent finding will go down in the UFO history books as exactly what it is… an unidentified flying (or in this case ground) object.

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