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Did Tony Blair Have a Fling with Wendy Deng?

Did Tony Blair Have a Fling with Wendy Deng?

DID TONY BLAIR HAVE A FLING WITH WENDY DENG? – As I finished writing the headline for this article I began to wonder if it should read… ‘Did Tony Blair Have a Fling with Wendy Deng and Who Gives a S…?’

The mainstream and tabloid press really do love to dig up the dirt and make the recent innuendo of a Blair/Deng affair appear as if it’s some type of revelation of the utmost national importance.

The truth is does anybody really care… it might be more appropriate if the press were to continue voicing the public’s concern over Tony Blair’s orders to illegally invade another sovereign nation in which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

Yes it would be far more appropriate to attack his moral character regarding the Iraqi war than it would over an alleged fling with Wendy Deng.

Of course that subject is not something that anyone in Whitehall wants truly revealed for its likely many ministers and high level civil servants could well end up facing the same fate as Saddam Hussein.

OK, let’s not get too far off the beaten path but I would love to know the fascination. Sure it could be argued that Wendy Deng is pretty hot but what she allegedly sees in Tony Blair is beyond me… of course the size of his wallet could have something to do with it although if Cherie Blair was ever to divorce Tony Blair on the grounds of infidelity I suspect that his wealth would be considerable decreased.

Right let’s get down to the bones of it and lay this to rest. Which partner would you choose from the bunch below?

Ladies… your choice is of course that of an aging media mogul or a warmonger.

Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair

Image Above – Left: Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch | Right: Tony Blair

Gentlemen… your choice is that between a bodacious hottie or Mrs. Blair; yes it would be so easy to be unkind to Mrs. Blair but I think I can show suitable constraint.

Cherie Blair and Wendy Dang

Image Above – Left: Cherie Blair | Right: Wendy Deng

According to the latest gossip Wendy Deng has written a diary that Vanity Fair has just published. In the article Wendy Deng talks of Tony Blair’s ‘good body’, his ‘great legs’, ‘beautiful blue eye’… well you get the idea and I can’t bear to go on because it’s making me nauseous.

The crux of the matter is that Wendy Deng (allegedly) is missing Tony Blair which only leads to more speculation that their relationship was in fact more than a little plutonic and that Rupert Murdoch’s suspicions of Wendy and Tony having a rumble in the jungle might just prove to be true.

No doubt we’ll get to hear more about the suspected steamy relationship which makes me wonder if people simply seek some type of detachment from reality; that is they are far more interested in the bedroom antics of those in public life than they are about serious issues that ultimately affect their own lives.

Personally I’ll stick with the first headline although in all honesty the second version is far more appropriate.

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