Disability Living Allowance Being Scraped Due to Abuse

Disability Living Allowance Being Scraped Due to Abuse

DISABILITY LIVING ALLOWANCE BEING SCRAPED DUE TO ABUSE – The Government announced some time ago that it was looking to replace the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) with a new system, the Personal Independent Payment (PIP), which the Government have said will contain rules and regulations that will make it tougher for people to claim and will require claimants’ to undergo a face-to-face assessment.

Currently the UK spends around £13 billion each year in providing DLA and since the announcement there has been a horde of people seeking to claim DLA before it is phased out.  According to figures the number of new claimants’ is in the region of one person every nine minutes.

Currently there are over 3 million people claiming DLA of which a staggering 71% are claiming for life.

While a number of Disability Rights Groups are complaining to the Government that the new PIP will be discriminatory it is plain that the Government needs to take measures in order to stop the abuse.

One of the major problems with the DLA is that fact that it is so easy to get.  It’s simply a matter of filling out a form.  This system has inevitably led to abuse and it is astonishing that the Government has allowed this wasteful use of taxpayers’ money to continue.

While the Disability Rights Groups may be banging their drum of ‘Discrimination’ maybe someone ought to tell them that the new system, if indeed the Government are able to administer it properly (their track record would suggest otherwise) then those who are genuinely disabled and need the taxpayers assistance would benefit.  The only ones that are fearful of PIP are those who know they are abusing the system – it’s as simple as that.

“Our welfare reforms are about ensuring the billions we spend on disability benefits give more targeted support to those who need it most.: Esther McVey, the minister for disabled people

We live in a social system, that is we are taken care of, when needed, by society.  It is not the job of society to subsidies those who simply do not want to work; just because someone is lazy should not give them the right to live off the expense of the taxpayer.

When you look at the UK today and see how wasteful our government is in giving handouts, especially to people like Heater Frost, who has 11 kids and has never worked a day in her life, is it any wonder that the average taxpayer is tired of working simply for the benefit of those who do not want to.


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For those who are genuinely unable to work, due to a genuine disability, then they are entitled to help and most taxpayers are in agreement that they are happy to help support those who genuinely need that support.

Whether the Government can properly administer the new PIP system is an entirely different matter and given their track record this system could be just another NHS system that is full of wasteful and inept administrators who are constantly dipping their fingers in the cookie jar.

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