Disqualified Drivers Who Kill Could Face 10 Years in Prison

by Editor | May 6, 2014 6:07 am

DISQUALIFIED DRIVERS WHO KILL COULD FACE 10 YEARS IN PRISON – There are currently a number of ways in which a driver in the UK faces the prospect of losing their driving licence.

Most often disqualification from driving results from the accumulation of penalty points these may include, dangerous driving, driving whilst under the influence of drugs or drink driving, speeding and indeed many others.

Currently the number of road deaths being attributed to disqualified drivers is a concern and one that the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, wants to address.

At present we often hear the term ‘soft justice’; in our view there is no such thing, you either have justice or you do not and the current system, in relation to this crime, does not provide any form of justice.

The maximum sentence for killing a person whilst operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s licence is just two years however, Mr. Grayling wishes to redress the balance and impose a sentence of up to 10 years in order to make it clear that such an offense is no longer acceptable and those found guilty of such an offense will face the full force of the law.


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In our view it is an admirable step forward but can it or will it be implemented?  On the one hand you’ll have the human rights advocates calling it abuse and on the other you’ll have the accountants telling us that such a penalty would be unaffordable.

It is of course the second issue that is like to halt such plans for the UK has a growing crime problem, the courts are overloaded and the prisons are all but full.

If such a plan were implemented then other areas of justice will have to be sacrificed, or as the politicians coin it reduced to ‘soft justice’.

We already know that the average criminal is handed out communities services, suspended sentences and police cautions on an average of 15 times before they are finally sent to prison; doesn’t this fact clearly show that there is little or no justice in the UK?

Once again we must declare that we at meebal.com are advocates of both corporal and capital punishment for serious crime and anyone getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when they are not permitted to do so by law knowingly puts other people’s lives at risk and therefore in the event of causing a person’s death the charge should be murder and the death penalty should apply.

Yes, it’s a harsh stance to take but one that effectively removes the problem, thereby never allowing a person to possibly reoffend and in the course saves the taxpayer from having to keep them in what are now little more than five star resorts.

It’s time we stopped looking at the criminal as if they were some kind of ‘victim of society’ and instead focused our attentions on the true victims; those that lost their life by the illegal activity of another and the families of the victim who are condemned to a lifetime of grief because the law failed to take adequate measures to prevent it by imposing a penalty that might make the perpetrator think twice.

In our view it’s time we stopped using the term ‘soft justice’ and stated what it truly is; no justice at all.

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Have your say… Do you think the criminal justice system in the UK is too soft?  If you were provided with a referendum would you support corporal and capital punishment for such a crime?  Leave your views below.

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