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Disturbing Facebook Video Portrays the Continuation of the Thug Cycle

Disturbing Facebook Video Portrays the Continuation of the Thug Cycle

DISTURBING FACEBOOK VIDEO PORTRAYS THE CONTINUATION OF THE THUG CYCLE - A Nebraska family has had their four children removed from the home after police were alerted to a video posted on a gang member’s Facebook page, showing the three year old boy being coached and goaded by adults to swear, use racial slurs, make derogatory comments and who has learned how to hold up his middle finger.

The police union has come under fire for re-posting the video on their website and for the proactive and protective measures taken by local police and Child Protective Services.

In response, the department’s spokesperson cited that after prosecutors and authorities reviewed the video, it was determined no criminal activities had taken place.  However, police working with CPS had concerns regarding the toddler’s well-being and during the investigation found safety concerns in the home that led to the removal of the four children.

The purpose in reposting the video was in hope to stimulate discussion about problems in the community and to show what officers encounter on a daily basis.

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I am all for protecting children and for making adults accountable for their actions, especially when they impact the safety and well-being of others but I am not comfortable with giving this police department a “thumbs up” for their actions in this case.

Although the ages of all the children are not revealed we can assume that there must at least be one or two who are older than the three year old in the video and that they have been enrolled in school, or a pre-school program.

If, as authorities are insinuating, the home is not a nurturing environment and encouraging a “thug mentality” along with disrespect for authority, then surely the school would have noticed attitude and behavioral problems and in accordance with state laws contacted CPS if they felt the home environment was possibly abusive.

For the police to take the upper hand in this situation on the basis of a video, and then follow through by removing the children is frightening to anyone who has children, or it should be.  Until the reasons behind their decision are released we are left to wonder if the family was targeted because they have gang affiliations or if maybe a gun or drug paraphernalia was seen in the video background.

What if it was something more subtle; could the investigation have been started simply because the home appeared to be in disarray, the language and behavior of the adults was offensive and because of the gang connection this was an attempt to get inside the home to find further evidence of questionable behavior?

If the actions of the authorities doesn’t bother you, then maybe the ramifications of this situation haven’t settled in yet.  Someone made the decision that these children were in danger, enough so that they were removed from the home after watching a FB video.

Once a child is put into the CPS system it is very hard to get them out, even if an investigation proves the parties involved are innocent of any crime.

At the time of this writing no charges have been made against the family members or any of the adults in the home, so what gives?  Is this the beginning of something new; authorities taking matters into their own hands when they feel justified?

We just don’t have the details we need to back up this action by the authorities and maybe they are not ready to release them pending further investigation but one thing is clear, if no charges are filed soon, the authorities will have much to answer for and will in all likelihood face charges of their own from the family.

On that note, it is also imperative that we recognize the fact that all children born to gang members or drug addicts do not grow up to be like their parents; that is stereotyping in the worst way.

Yes, I think we can all agree that the home environment does play a crucial role in how we view life, what our goals may be and what opportunities are available to us, but we have over the course of history seen amazing people come out of the hardest of circumstances and the same can be true for these children.

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