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Does Money Make the Poor Angry?

Does Money Make the Poor Angry?

DOES MONEY MAKE THE POOR ANGRY? – News today reveals that Formula One mogul Eddie Jordan has just splashed out a staggering £32 million on a brand new 155ft super yacht that costs £30,000 just to fill up the fuel tank.

Eddie Jordan - Super Yacht

Image: Eddie Jordan’s new Sunseeker Super Yacht

With a range of 4,000 nautical miles that means it’ll cost Mr. Jordan a whopping £7.50 per mile just in fuel alone.

Owning such a vessel doesn’t just stop at the cost of filling the diesel tank for it’ll need staffing and in this case Mr. Jordan’s yacht can hold 11 staff members.

All in total Mr. Jordan can expect an annual bill of around £4 million to keep his new super yacht afloat and in tip-top condition.

Not a bad life if you can afford it.

When it comes to super yachts and if Mr. Jordan decides to moor it in Monaco it’s likely he could fit it inside some of the much larger super yachts on the high seas.

Azzam Super Yacht - Image 2

Azzam Super Yacht - Image 1

Images above: Azzam Super Yacht

The largest of all is the newly launched ‘Azzam’ owned by a wealthy Middle-Eastern gentleman of royal connections.  Azzam comes in at 590ft which makes Mr. Jordan’s super yacht look like a dingy.


Largest Super Yacht in the World Launched

The story of Mr. Jordan’s new super yacht is currently doing the news rounds and no matter which publication I looked at the reader’s comment invariably admonish Mr. Jordan’s decision to spend so much money on what is little more than a materialistic item that won’t do the environment any good.

It appears that certain people are enraged with even some suggesting that the size of Mr. Jordan’s manhood is being compensated by such a large vessel.

I personally don’t understand the attack on Mr. Jordan’s decision to spend his money on whatever he sees fit.  Why can’t people simply accept the fact that some are more fortunate than others and leave it at that?

The question heading this article… ‘Does money make the poor angry?’ evidently comes into play for there are few lottery winners who haven’t splashed out on all the material things their hearts desire and I wonder how many of those remonstrating Mr. Jordan would engage themselves in the odd indulgence if the finances were readily available.

The difference here of course is that Mr. Jordan isn’t a lottery winner but rather a man that has used his brain, determination and will to succeed work for him and as a result has acquired vast wealth.

There are different classes of poor people; firstly there are those who are poor by providence and those who are poor by choice.

The first are those who are repressed by their governments; in other words they are kept poor in order for easier control – many parts of Africa or indeed North Korea is testament to this fact.

Then there are those who are poor by choice and it is generally this segment that takes to admonishing the rich.

It’s easy to be poor all you do is do nothing and watch the world go by.  To become rich requires intelligence, determination, motivation, will power and above all bloody hard work; something the poor by choice will avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately this segment feels somehow disadvantaged and as such feel unable to change their circumstance; you only have to look at those living on welfare to see just how much damage welfare does to a society for it doesn’t provide a ‘means to an end’ but rather a lifetime of abject poverty, misery and above all anger.

Living in poverty is not exactly a pleasant lifestyle and leaves many looking up at those who are wealthy and instead of trying to do something about their situation they simply sit wishing and when those daydreams fade into obscurity the only thing left is anger; anger that some have so much whilst they have nothing.

I honestly believe if more people were to stand back and consider for a moment how Mr. Jordan and other wealthy people like him acquired so much wealth that such items as a super yacht are affordable then maybe some could look at ways to make a positive change.

Again sitting there thinking about it or indeed rubbishing the rich is never going to achieve anything other than making the situation of being poor even worse and fuelling the bitterness they harbour.

I honestly believe most people are capable of becoming wealthy but this requires a vast amount of motivation and finding an area of business that you are deeply passionate about – even if that passion simply involves generating money.

Remember that the rich, or at least a large majority of them, also engage in all manner of philanthropy in order to change the lives of others who are clearly less fortunate for the better.


The Pledge of Philanthropy

If you are one of those who are poor and angry then next time you see a person driving a nice car or has the ability to buy a super yacht spare a moment to ask yourself how that person managed to be in that situation and how you managed to be in yours.

You might, after careful reflection, find the motivation you’ve been looking for to make a positive change… you can do it… we all can do it but again it takes great effort to do so.

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