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Don’t Get Me Started with the Social Networks

Don’t Get Me Started with the Social Networks

DON’T GET ME STARTED WITH THE SOCIAL NETWORKS – If ever there was such a thing as social devolution then the social networks have to be the personification of it.

Yes I know that the social networks were supposed to make us even more ‘social’ but there is emerging evidence to suggest the complete opposite.

Only yesterday another social study indicated that Facebook’s fall is imminent with some 80% of its users abandoning it within the next 12 to 18 months.

Facebook has acknowledged that it is losing its teenage audience at an alarming rate and indeed another recent study pointed out that the younger generation are losing interest and find Facebook uncool, irrelevant and most of all boring.

I can only conclude in relation to this study that at nearly 50 years of age I must be pretty young at heart for that’s exactly how I feel about Facebook.

What amazes me is the amount of complete and utter rubbish people post on Facebook and the drivel they engage in; it is beyond rationale.

I use Facebook almost exclusively to post my articles. I’ve continuously asked my friends not to send me another request to play Candy Crush.

I’ve explained I’m poor and need to work in order to scrap a living and therefore I don’t have time to play idle games.

Has my polite request not to be bothered with such triviality been acknowledged, acted upon or even respected? Has it buggery for I still get multiple requests per day and not just for Candy Crush but all manner of time wasting, mind numbing rubbish that I wouldn’t let a 2 year old play for fear of reducing their capacity to think and process information logically.

I can only conclude that my friends are not paying attention and therefore completely unaware of my social needs and therefore doesn’t make me or my friends more socially engage but rather drives us further apart.

Now I like a good giggle the same as any person but what’s with the ‘Cats and Dogs’ in silly poses with humorous captions?  Certainly some are pretty funny but how much of it do you need.

I took a coffee break the other day and thought I’d while away a few moments seeing what my friends were up to.  All I got on the ‘wall’ was a bunch of images, mostly of animals with strange expressions or being dressed up but nowhere could I find anything about what any of my friends were actually doing; other than achieving high scores on Candy Crush and the plethora of other games.

I came across a few rants and even a couple of enraged arguments; no not debates but arguments that simply came down to name calling.  Yes, it appears friends are won through Candy Crush and lost through a disagreement that soaking a cat to make it look like a drowned rat was either funny or just plain animal cruelty.

Where were we before Facebook?  Oh, that’s right MySpace and that now has almost been relegated to the history books and no doubt Facebook will go the same way as they struggle to compete with the new Chat Apps that every spotty faced youth appears to be developing and selling for squillions.

Despite all my pet hates about the social networks there is of course one area that disturbs me the most and that is the rising numbers of young people taking their own lives due to online bullying.

The likes of Facebook paint a picture of some form of social utopia in that all the users are somehow interconnected in order to bring us closer together; producing a greater understanding of differing perspectives, ideologies, culture, religion and all with the remit of social harmony.

Unfortunately for a growing number of people the social networks have turned it into a den of depravity where sexual predators lurk in order to prey on the young and vulnerable and where others can engage in mental abuse with the remit to see if they are able to push someone over the edge resulting in a suicide.


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The Inhumanity of Social Networks

I have to be honest and say that I don’t hold much if any, value in the current abilities of the social networks.

For me the likes of Facebook appear devoid of any real humanity.  There are some that attempt to bring real issues to the table in order to gather intelligence in the hope that these issues can be addressed and that solutions can be found.

Regrettably the social networks appear to be more about simply wasting people’s time with trivial pursuits whilst other’s use it to gain control and manipulate others into the most vile and harmful acts.

Have we really evolved as a species and if so what have we evolved into?  The answer may lie within the activities on the social networks and if this stands to be true then certainly we cannot claim that our evolution is one that takes on an intelligent aspect.

Please… don’t get me started on the social networks and I mean that literally for I have little or no interest in socially engaging with people who are socially detached or misaligned with what is little more than social regression.

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