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Drink Driver Confesses on Video to Killing Innocent Man

Drink Driver Confesses on Video to Killing Innocent Man

DRINK DRIVER CONFESSES ON VIDEO TO KILLING INNOCENT MAN – Over the past year I’ve written a number of articles on drink driving and the carnage it leaves behind.

In so many instances of drinking driving people have died or had their lives changed forever; and this is not restricted to just the victims of drink drivers but also that of the drink driver themselves.


Drink Driving and the Tragic Waste of Life

Here is the story of Matthew Cordles, 22, who has admitted to killing Vincent Canzi, 61, after a night out partying and drinking heavily.  Matthew, like countless drink drivers before him, felt that despite his intoxication he was capable of operating a motor vehicle. On the June 22, 2013 Matthew took that fatal decision to drive whilst drunk resulting in the death of Vincent Canzi.

As Matthew explained in the video, he might have gotten away with it.  Some lawyers suggested that they would be able to successfully contest the blood sample evidence and even suggested that if Matthew told a lie or two then it was a probability that he would not be imprisoned.

Drink Driver Confesses on Video to Killing Innocent Man

Much to his credit, Matthew states that he simply could not defile or belittle the memory of Vincent Canzi and therefore decided to make a video confession that would seal his fate; he now knows that he will go to prison for his crime.

With his video confession police will now charge Matthew Cordles with aggravated vehicular homicide; a charge that could result in up to 8 years imprisonment.

You might think that Matthew would be besieged with comments that attack his character, due to killing another person through his selfish act.  However that is not the case and even the Canzi family have come out and applauded Matthew’s courage and honesty by standing up and acknowledging his fault.

Matthew’s video is more than just a simple acknowledgement of guilt and a deep apology to Vincent Canzi and his family; it is also a message to others as he ‘begs’ people never, under any circumstance, to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having consumed alcohol; no matter how small the quantity consumed.

Matthew’s confession was last night uploaded to YouTube in order to promote a new non-profit website ‘because I said I would’ in which it allows people to set themselves goals for themselves and keep promises that they have made.

The video really is a poignant message to all of us and such a video should be seen by everyone in order to drive the message home… NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

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