Drivers Face Prosecution for Taking Prescription Drugs

DRIVERS FACE PROSECUTION FOR TAKING PRESCRIPTION DRUGS – In an effort to make British roads safer the Government is to extend their zero tolerance policy of driving while under the influence of drugs to include prescription drugs.

Next year police will be issued with a new version of the breathalyzer which will be able to detect drugs in the system and any driver caught with excessive amounts of drugs in their blood will face a 12 month driving ban, six months in jail and up to a £5,000 fine.

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We are all guilty at some point or another from breaking traffic laws, from parking illegally to minor infractions such as going a little over the speed limit but despite law enforcement’s efforts to keep road users safe there remains a growing trend of those driving whilst under the influence of drugs; including prescription drugs.

Pain killers can induce drowsiness and when prescribed doctors will often inform patients of the effects and advise them not to drive or operate any type of machinery.  This advice is often ignored and there are a growing number of road accidents and deaths where police have recorded high levels of prescription drugs in the blood stream.

The Government is now set to run a number of campaigns in order to create public awareness to the new laws and clearly state that any driver caught with just a trace of an illegal substance will face prosecution under the zero tolerance policy.


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Any driver caught with excessive levels of prescription drugs in their system such as morphine, diazepam or valium will also face the full extent of the law.

The Government is stressing that the new law is not designed to make criminals out of prescription drug users but it has to take measures to set sensible levels that do not put the motorist or other motorists at risk.

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Source: Daily Mail

I have long been a supporter of penalizing irresponsible drivers and even suggested recently that anyone caught drunk driving, drug driving, using a mobile telephone or texting should face 6 penalty points with a minimum fine of £5,000.

If people refuse to act responsibly and risk the lives of others then they should face the full weight of the law and this recent change is not only a positive move but one that is long overdue.

Do you support the new drug-driving law or is the Government taking it too far? Leave your comments below.

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