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Duggan Gang Members Threaten to Kill Two Police Officers in Retaliation over Mark Duggan Killing

Duggan Gang Members Threaten to Kill Two Police Officers in Retaliation over Mark Duggan Killing

DUGGAN GANG MEMBERS THREATEN TO KILL TWO POLICE OFFICERS IN RETALIATION OVER MARK DUGGAN KILLING One of Mark Duggan’s gang members has told police that two police officers would be shot dead in retaliation after a jury returned a verdict that the killing of Mark Duggan by an armed police officer was lawful.


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According to police the gangster allegedly made the threat during the riots that ensued on the streets of North London shortly after police officers lawfully shot dead Mark Duggan.

See full story … Daily Mail says…

After reading the article only one question comes to mind; ‘Why hasn’t the person making such a threat been arrested?’

According to the police they are unable to name the thug who made the threat for legal reasons and that despite such a threat he has never been convicted of a violent crime.

There can be very little reason as to why the public feel that law and order is no longer adequate in the UK for time and time again criminals are permitted to walk free; you now have to ask if the patients are indeed running the asylum.

During the inquiry as to whether Mark Duggan was shot dead legally by police officers, each of the jury member were assigned numbers.  Under normal circumstance the jury’s names would be recorded and yet the judge took the unusual step to prevent publication and hide their true identities.

This has to be seen as yet another reason to look upon our justice system and admit that it’s failing for the rights of the criminal certainly appear to take precedence over the law-abiding public and indeed shroud them in fear for their own safety due to the aspect of possible retaliation.

Such was apparent when police officers had to escort the jury members from the court as they were openly attacked and even more apparent when the judge order that each jury member be given special protection indefinitely.

One reader on the Daily Mail commented…” When the fleas start threatening the dog it’s time for the powder.”

Of course the news could be a little misconceived here, as some others are pointing out.  That is the gang member could have been warning the police that retribution was being planned.

Regardless we already know what these people are capable of and it’s high time we looked at bringing back justice that would ultimately remove these people from the streets in order to keep society safe.

No law abiding citizen should have to live in fear from a few thugs who insist it is their right to sell drugs and involve themselves in other criminal activities; all the while knowing that the current legal system makes them almost untouchable.

We can only conclude that we have become a weak and fearful society and it appears we are more fearful of being labeled inhumane monsters by suggesting that maybe it’s time to reinstate the death penalty and bring back public flogging, rather than the rising crime itself that ultimately endangers the very fabric of society itself.

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