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Economy and Immigration Tops Voter Worries

Economy and Immigration Tops Voter Worries

ECONOMY AND IMMIGRATION TOPS VOTER WORRIES – An Ipsos MORI poll directed at the British public’s top concerns revealed that immigration takes the top slot whilst the state of the economy comes in a close second.

At the beginning of the week David Cameron stated that the Right of Free Movement hadn’t produced the hordes of migrants that were initially feared.

Despite this statement he was still unable to provide any hard facts or figures as to how many migrants had flooded the UK leaving the electorate highly suspicious of his assumption and even questioned whether he and the relevant Government departments weren’t simply attempting to covering up the true figures.

The concern over the economy remains a high priority although the MORI poll did indicated a drop in the numbers having concerns by 11%; this fall is being put down to the fact that the economy is once again growing and unemployment numbers are dropping due to the spate of welfare reforms.

Whilst David Cameron might be able to breathe a sigh of relief over the economy the other issue of immigration remains an issue that continues to create unrest among the backbenchers and continue to drive up public support for UKIP; both situations could well leave Mr. Cameron in an embarrassing situation in the May 2014 EU Elections.

The issue now is whether Mr. Cameron will start telling the truth about immigration for the longer he holds out from giving factual migrant figures the deeper the public’s distrust will grow.

Again, earlier with week Mr. Cameron was accused of being complacent over immigration after stating that the numbers arriving was ‘reasonable’ and yet it was clear he had no idea; or if he did he wasn’t about to reveal such information.

The official migrant figures are due this May but by that time the damage might well have already been done and if UKIP continues to raise in popularity it may well transpire that Mr. Cameron is left without a seat in the European Parliament after the EU election.

Evidently this is no small issue for the public; again according to the MORI poll it’s the public’s number one concern with some 41% of those questioned deeply concerned over the number of migrants entering Britain and the lack of controls to prevent certain people from entering the country for purposes other than gainful employment.

Both members of the public and Tory backbenchers are insisting that immigration laws must be tightened in order to allow for easier deportation for those migrants who break the law.

One issue that certainly needs addressing is the Human Rights Act and in particular Article 3 which provides a criminal with the ‘right to family life’.

Unless the Government can effectively tackle the Human Rights Act and indeed Britain’s involvement in the European Convention on Human Rights then with a growing migrant population such could lead to an overwhelming number of appeals being lodged with the Home Office.

Tory MP Dominic Raab certainly appears to have his finger on the pulse of public sentiment for he yesterday made the statement that British citizens rights must trump the rights of foreigners.

Currently this doesn’t appear to be the case when looking at the number of criminals, some highly dangerous and known terrorists, are permitted to walk the streets due to human rights legislation.

There can be no arguing that we need a change in the law so that measurable migrant controls can be implemented; such a change must include the right to fully examine an individual’s background and to refuse anyone with a criminal record entry.

It is also unquestionable that Britain does need migrants in order to address the balance of an aging population but clearly Britain needs hard working, honest and law abiding migrants, not criminals and terrorists who will use our laws against us in order to prevent their deportation or even imprisonment.

It’s time Mr. Cameron started telling the truth for his refusal to provide vital information to the public may well see his tenure facing a vote of ‘no confidence’ by members of his own party and the electorate.

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