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Ed Balls Now Willing to Form a Coalition with Nick Clegg

Ed Balls Now Willing to Form a Coalition with Nick Clegg

ED BALLS NOW WILLING TO FORM A COALITION WITH NICK CLEGG – Despite obvious tensions between Ed Balls, the Labour Shadow Chancellor and Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister; Mr. Balls has now declared that he would be willing to form a coalition Government in 2015 if the arithmetic demanded it.

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Mr. Balls has declared in the past that he couldn’t even bear the thought of sitting next to Mr. Clegg and that the notion of forming a coalition Government with the Liberal Democrats was not even a point of consideration; so why the sudden u-turn?

According to Mr. Balls he now fully understands why Mr. Clegg entered into a coalition with the Conservative Party and after a ‘very warm and friendly chat’ he now sees Mr. Clegg as a man of integrity.

Welcome to the true face of politics that decisively portrays the true nature of people like Mr. Balls and Mr. Clegg.  The use of words such as ‘integrity’ is completely lost for there can be no such trait when a person is willing to forsake their political ideologies just to be able to get a seat at the table; in this case Mr. Clegg is looking to retain the position as Deputy Prime Minister after the 2015 General Election.

Indeed Mr. Clegg recently announced that he would happily hop into bed with another of the political parties in order to see the Liberal Democrats remain at the center of Government.

Such a move, in Mr. Clegg’s eyes, is far more agreeable than being relegated to the far outer regions of Government; which is going to be the case as UKIP surges ever further ahead, leaving Mr. Clegg with the very obvious realisation that the British public are sick to death of his liberal interference and that clearly no traits of ‘democracy’ exist within the Liberal Democrat Party.

Time and time again we have witnessed Mr. Clegg sit on the fence giving his ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards anything the Tory Party wishes to implement.

Of course only when he sees such overwhelming public support will he then take a side, but more often than not his position will quickly change with public sentiment and he will stop at nothing from distancing himself from any changes that he approved that take on a less favourable public view.

Mr. Clegg of course is not unique in such an attribute for all politicians will move, to a certain degree, with public opinion; the issue here of course is that such opinion is not always one of a majority which dispels the ideology of a democracy.

The British public, since 2010, have suffered the consequences of their indecisiveness by allowing a coalition Government to be formed in which has achieved little in the way of addressing key issues; such as our involvement in the EU, the national debt, welfare and of course immigration and all because of opposing political views… it’s hardly a coalition but rather two markedly different political ideologies both vying for public attention.

It is clear from Mr. Balls actions that Labour fears the public will place them in a position of opposition and to address this issue he is more than willing to create yet another incompatible coalition just for the sake of gaining power.

Integrity within Parliament would be one whereby politicians had the interests of the country and the people at heart; unfortunately such a notion is completely lost on those currently jostling for public support and the hope of being seated in power.

I doubt very much if Britain could survive another term of a coalition Government; regardless of who is sleeping with whom.

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