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Ed Miliband Thinks He Can Rule Like Margaret Thatcher

Ed Miliband Thinks He Can Rule Like Margaret Thatcher

ED MILIBAND THINKS HE CAN RULE LIKE MARGARET THATCHER – In recent months Red Ed Miliband has stood there and had the audacity to vilify the energy companies for hiking the price of energy and yet it was Ed Miliband who did absolutely nothing during his term as Energy Secretary during the term of Gordon Brown.

Yesterday Mr. Miliband stood and declared with great conviction that if elected he would rule with a rod of iron in the same fashion as the late, great Margaret Thatcher.

I’m not so sure about a rod of iron, maybe an iron curtain is more of what he is thinking for Mr. Miliband is not only a staunch Marxist but is also fully controlled by the Unions; that being Len (Lensky) McCluskey of the Unite Union.

How can I put this delicately… Oh to hell with it, I can’t so I’ll just say what needs saying… Ed Miliband is nothing short of Mr. McCluskey’s pet poodle and if Mr. McCluskey barks and orders this is one bitch that will come to heel.

Whenever a politician utters a single word the first thought that goes through my head is that we’ve just listened to more lies without any substance and Mr. Miliband’s comments regarding ruling like Margret Thatcher is so detached from reality it is offensive to think anyone could swallow that amount of clap trap.

OK, so what’s his take; that is how does he intend to rule like Mrs. T?

For starters he intends to give more control to local people regarding the running of schools and hospitals.  That’s actually not a bad idea considering the incompetent clowns in the Labour Party which is of course ultimately ruled and controlled by Len McCluskey.

Yes, it’s all about giving power to the people and that in itself is an admirable trait, however it’s also seriously flawed.

The power of the people should come through a system of democracy.  That is the people cast a vote and those elected then stick to their manifesto and listen to majority public sentiment throughout their term.

What Ed Miliband is suggesting basically leaves a minority to control a specific aspect whilst allowing Government to wash its hands of any responsibility – frankly Britain has enough civil servants without creating more.

I’m still very much perplexed as to why Ed Miliband would want to emulate Mrs. Thatcher’s style; for her policies were clearly at odds with those in the Labour Party.

The cynic in me tells me that Mr. Miliband will do and say practically anything in order to convince the electorate but the underlying truth is he will not wield the power he craves for it will be split between Len McCluskey’s Union and Brussels – evidently this will lead to a three-way marriage in almost an identical fashion we see with the current coalition and I’m not convinced Britain could survive another term of such an unholy matrimony.

Putting my fears aside, Mr. Miliband spoke of four principles:

1. Letting ordinary people share in the decision-making about public services

2. Making those decisions ‘closer’ to ordinary people

3. Giving them the right to access information

4. Forcing the State to connect people in the same situation

Again these might appear admirable but this or any other Government won’t be able to significantly make change whilst Brussels continues with its interference.

If a Government was truly interested in providing people access to the decision-making process then it must provide an electronic referendum system whereby people can readily vote.

We live in an electronic age and such a system is not beyond being unreasonable but it’s something no Government wants to implement for it wouldn’t allow them to move the country in the direction that their political ideologies conform to.

Red Ed, the next Margaret Thatcher?  I think that’s stretching the imagination way too far.

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