Ed Miliband Vows to Take State Control of Companies if Necessary

ED MILIBAND VOWS TO TAKE STATE CONTROL OF COMPANIES IF NECESSARY – During Ed Miliband’s Labour Party Conference speech he vowed, that if elected, he would freeze all energy prices until 2017.

Ed Miliband - Labour Party Conference 2013

According to Ofgem some £1.2 billion of customers’ money is hoarded by the energy companies each year as many customers’ pay their bills by either direct debit or credit cards on overestimated bills.  In effect, energy companies can be made vast sums of money on the credit balance of customers’ bills through bank interest.

Now Ed Miliband wants to take things a step further which would allow the Labour Party, if elected, to take over any company it feels is justified in order to make the markets work for the public interest.

Yes, that’s socialism but Ed Miliband sincerely believes in the Marxist philosophy of the ‘collective greater good’.

It is of course irrelevant that countries such as China, Russia and North Korea suffer from the consequences of such a regime providing Red Ed gets his way – anyone even considering voting for such a political regime in the UK has finally lost all sense of reality.

If Ed Miliband is voted to power and if he does impose the energy freeze then we’ll see an end to Centrica in the UK for they have already made it perfectly clear that no free market could possibly flourish under such restrictions – basically all potential investment funds would dry up leaving the UK, eventually, in the grips of prolonged darkness.

Centrica has stated that if such a restriction was made then it would have no choice but to pull out of the UK.  This might not appear such a terrible thing to some but watch closely how many other companies would follow suit – those who remember the 1970s will bare testament to a near Marxist regime that basically bankrupt the UK.

Fortunately I am not convinced that the British public has yet lost all sense of reality and I further suspect that Ed Miliband’s recent statement will be reflected in the next set of polls denoting a heavy decline in Labour support.

If you haven’t yet woken up to the fact that Ed Miliband is not actually running the Labour Party then you should.  The true power behind Labour is the Union’s; most notably Unite and it’s Marxist leader Len McClusky and if he had his way everything would be state controlled in the same way as North Korea.

Ed Miliband has made his position crystal clear in that he wants to usher in the return of Socialism; unfortunately such would spell the end of Britain as we know it.


Think You Are a Free Thinker? Well Let’s Find Out

It is widely known that Britain has a number of underlying problems but it is easy to examine other socialist countries and determine that the ideology simply does not work – for it to work you would need to remove money from the system and work as a collective; however as will all socialist regimes currently in practice, this hasn’t been implemented and those who rule live well above the standards to those who serve.

Maybe it would be a good idea for Comrade Miliband to pack his bags and spend a few years in North Korea in order to learn the true nature of the beast for his views are dangerous and without any form of rational reality.

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