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EDL Leader Tommy Robinson: Journey to Quilliam

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson: Journey to Quilliam

EDL LEADER TOMMY ROBINSON: JOURNEY TO QUILLIAM – Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) has been called a thug, a racist and of course a bigot for his views on Muslims and the rise of Islam in the UK.

The video above is a documentary that takes Tommy Robinson on a journey which results in his resignation from the EDL to join the anti-terrorist think tank, Quilliam.

The video has a number of surprising connotations in that Tommy and many of its viewers begin to look at Muslims in a different wa; and as such, Muslims appear to show equal concern for the problems we face in Britain with an every growing divide that is increasing levels of suspicion.

As I watched the video, it was apparent that Tommy Robinson was prepared to listen but also gave some prime examples as to why the Muslim people and more importantly their faith, needs addressing in certain areas in order to quell violence and hopefully amend what divides us.

Some hard-liners might argue that the documentary was a little one-sided; after all Mo, the Muslim who befriended Tommy Robinson, appeared only a few times among EDL supporters to give his views whereas Tommy was subjected to constant pressure to see things through the eyes of the Muslim community.

Does the documentary attempt to brainwash us into thinking that the Muslim faith and its people really do want to live in a multicultural, multi-faith community where we learn to respect one another without fear or is it an attempt to get us to lower our guard so that Islam can be further indoctrinated throughout British society?

A number of questions remain; such as why a number of Imams are threatened by those Islamic extremists for allegedly straying from the Quran and yet despite their views that a Muslim must at all times be respectful to other human beings, regardless to their views or faith, appear not to take a more active role in ousting the extremists.

It could be argued that they in fact do but their actions are guarded by the UK’s security services and therefore their efforts are shrouded in secrecy for their own protection.

There is no denying that the benefits of this documentary was one of open dialogue for if we ever have the notion to live together in peace then be must be able to remove the ideology of racism and bigotry; which is purely designed to keep us silent and unable to openly discuss the issues at hand.

How effective Tommy Robinson will be in his new role is yet to be decided but it is clear that he, and his former EDL members, feel that Muslims are tainting the UK with Islamic scripture and that such a religion has no place in a predominantly Christian country.

We all want peace; none of us truly wants to live our lives under a veil of hate and indeed none of us are born with hate in our hearts.  Hate is a product of fear and we always fear what we do not know – the very ideology of terrorism is born from the unknown.

If we are to live and work together then it is clear that certain things need to change but many will be asking whether this change should come from the Muslim community in order to better adapt to the British culture.

We must, in a democratic society, allow people to express their own views and practice a religion that is within their ideology and belief, which should never involve the call to take up arms against anyone, let alone a people that provides you with a place to live.

As long as the majority of British people feel threatened by their insertion into society then distrust, hatred and fear will continue to fuel the divide.

The documentary certainly is interesting and even provides in some instances glimmers of hope; however, we have a long way to go before the majority will feel completely at ease with Muslims and this can only come about if those extremists are uncovered and removed from society so that the majority doesn’t feel as if Britain is being lost under a sea of Islamic beliefs and laws that simply have no place in British society or culture.

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