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Edwina Currie Food Bank Slur Results in Public Backlash

Edwina Currie Food Bank Slur Results in Public Backlash

EDWINA CURRIE FOOD BANK SLUR RESULTS IN PUBLIC BACKLASH – In a Tweet Edwina Currie slated people who used food banks in order to save cash that is then spent on caring for their pets or getting yet another tattoo.

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Did we witness yet another nasty spiteful rant from Edwina Currie or is she just saying something that many people believe to be a fact of modern society?

According to the article Ms. Currie received such admonishment from her Twitter remark that her husband has now demanded that it’s time she stayed quiet.

I decided to read a number of Ms. Currie’s tweet @edwina-Currie and certainly she was subjected to a fair amount of abuse.

The issue is that no matter what you say there will be a division; that is some people will appreciate what you’ve had to say and agree with it whilst other will openly attack you in disagreement.

Ms. Currie also tapped into the idea as to whether food banks in Britain were actually needed and if so do they really provide a long-term solution to the problems society now has regarding poverty levels.

Certainly some quarters of the public found Ms. Currie’s comments vile for stereotyping an individual is not healthy in a liberal left-wing progressive society; which is exactly what Britain has become.

The issue of tattoos and dogs however is something that maybe we should examine, right along with the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

The first thing any unemployed benefit scrounger will tell you is that they are poor and then go on to berate the Government for attempting to reform welfare so that they receive less; rarely, if ever, do any of these people consider that getting off their lazy backsides might be the solution to their poverty.

At we have examined hundreds of case of welfare scroungers and indeed the British public is constantly reminded of the issue with the Government’s continued strategies on reforming welfare and all the countless television documentaries being aired, such as Benefit Street by Channel 4.

Watch the video in our article Living on Benefits and Proud to fully understand what the taxpayer has to endure.

Note carefully how many of the unemployed spend their days down the pub drinking and smoking. Note how many of them have multiple tattoos.

Turning one’s body into a perceived work of art is irrelevant to the character of the individual; there are of course many people, such as myself, who have tattoos as a way of self expression, and work extremely hard.

However, tattoos along with alcohol and cigarettes are inherently expensive and therefore you have to wonder how those living off the backs of the taxpayer can afford such luxuries whilst claiming poverty.

Owning animals is another highly expensive pastime; especially if that animal is properly cared for.  Again how many unemployed household own one or more dogs, cats or other pets and still claim poverty.

Do we need food banks in the UK?  Evidently the answer is yes but maybe for all the wrong reasons.  Certainly there are segments of the population who are desperately poor and rightfully need help and support, however, this segment is being tainted by the lazy scroungers and unless we put a stop to it then all those in the poverty trap are going to get tarred with the same brush.

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