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Efforts to Reform Islamic Terrorists Failing

Efforts to Reform Islamic Terrorists Failing

EFFORTS TO REFORM ISLAMIC TERRORISTS FAILING – Yesterday the Government admitted that its efforts to rehabilitate Islamic terrorists once caught and sentenced is failing miserably as the jihadists simply refuse to engage in any of the available rehabilitation programmes.

Currently two thirds of those jailed for Islamic terrorist offences refuse to undertake any type of dialogue that might persuade them to re-think their attitudes to murdering innocent men, women and children.

Like any type of offender rehabilitation programme the one to assist Islamic terrorists is costing the taxpayer millions and producing few if any results to counter growing terrorism extremism.

Efforts to Reform Islamic Terrorists Failing

Officials involved in the rehabilitation programmes have said that the issue lies within the years of indoctrination these people have been subjected to and such is the intensity most are willing to end their own lives in the name of Jihad. says …

In 1965 the Government banned the use of the death penalty and five years later in 1969 it was officially abolished.

You might be thinking that this was a result of our liberalization and indeed political correctness indoctrination that we were subject to (and still are) in the 1960s.  Of course you would be correct but a strange element called ‘Government Control’ took over for despite less than 23% of the public approving the abolition of the death penalty Government took it upon itself to abolish it for they considered such a punishment under law to be barbaric and inhumane.

Roll on five decades and it’s interesting to note that survey after survey on the subject of reinstating the death penalty results in a little over 60% of the public supporting its reinstatement.

Of course despite the public’s ‘democratic’ calls these remain ignored by Government because no Government past or present has the spine to reintroduce such a measure of ‘punishment’ that could make them appear inhumane, politically incorrect or worse not liberalised.

The issue with justice in the UK is not just about the death penalty but the whole system of rehabilitation.  Our liberal and politically correct indoctrination has lead us away from the ideology that criminals should be punished but rather they are victims of a cruel and uncaring society and therefore must be rehabilitated.

Does rehabilitation work?  It’s a very good question and one that has a very simple answer.  No.  Or if you like No, not at all.

You might think this a somewhat pessimistic view but when you look at the growing number of reoffenders and the number of times criminals offend before we attempt to put their through rehabilitation then it’s easy to realise that rehabilitation is complete and utter folly.

Let’s move away from the home grown or imported terrorist for a moment.  Instead let’s focus on Mark Bridger; yes the person who raped and killed 5 year old April Jones.

Mark Bridger will likely never be set free but despite this those liberals still want to rehabilitate him.  The reality is this is never going to happen and even if he did manage to convince the doctors he is a changed man there is still no way the courts are going to let him walk.

The issue here is what is more humane and cost effective… a £20.00 length of rope from B&Q or a bill for a million pounds plus to keep him, feed him, attempt to rehabilitate him and resign him to the fact that he’ll never be free?

The European Court recent noted that imprisoning a person for all of their life is inhumane; that is no person should ever be faced with the reality that they will die in prison.

Of course the remedy here is to take them out of a place of imprisonment to a different facility and hang them.

I know you’re thinking that this is all very inhumane; so let’s go back to the home grown and imported Islamic extremists.

Now here are a group of people who want us all to live under Islamic law. None actually consider it might be more beneficial for them to simply get on a plane and go and live a life more attune to their religious and ideological beliefs; no… they want to terrorise and murder people in order to force them to bow down and ultimately be oppressed under their ideologies.

Despite the fact that these Islamic extremists have no intention to listen to reason or engage in open dialogue, that may result in the changing of their views, the system cannot, and will not, hold them indefinitely.

The result here is that once again Islamic extremists hell-bent on murdering innocent men, women and children are set free to engage in such activities.

Do you still think the death penalty is inhumane or should we let child murderers and Islamic terrorists to roam freely among us in order to carry out their heinous crimes?

Is there an alternative answer?  In the case of Mark Bridger and his ilk then the answer is no; the crime has been committed, an innocent life is taken and therefore the only rightful thing to do is to put him and his ilk to death.

What about the Islamic terrors?  This could actually be a two-prong approach.  Firstly if a person has be tried and convicted of acts of terrorism, without causing the loss of life, for instance they were caught plotting, then the offer could be deportation without the possibility to return, after a serving out their prison sentence.

Those however that are tired and convicted of terrorism resulting in harm or the loss of life should be subjected to the death penalty.

We certainly don’t want to appear inhumane but there comes a time when we must make a stand and we either make our laws tougher or start systematically deporting every Muslim so that they can all live in a country that is more in line with their religious and ideological lifestyle.

Yes that notion is preposterous which is why a change in the law is so desperately needed so that we may adequately protect society and punish those who wish us harm or engage in an act that results in the loss of life.

It is time the reinstatement of the death penalty was put to a public vote and democracy allowed to take its course.

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