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Eleven More Soldiers to Face Trial into Deaths of Iraqi Civilians

Eleven More Soldiers to Face Trial into Deaths of Iraqi Civilians

ELEVEN MORE SOLDIERS TO FACE TRIAL INTO DEATHS OF IRAQI CIVILIANS – The High Court has ruled that any allegations from Iraqi civilians dying in British custody must face intense investigation in accordance with human rights laws.

The ruling came just weeks after Sergeant Alexander Blackman was convicted of murdering a Taliban insurgent to which continuing public outrage is being spread across the internet with calls for him being freed.


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Now another eleven British soldiers face investigation into their conduct whilst serving in Iraq; again leaving the public astonished as to how far the politically correct will go in their witch hunt for alleged war criminals – that is of course an exception if your name is Tony Blair.

British Troops in Iraq

Lord Ashcroft yesterday announced that he too felt the sentencing of Sergeant Alexander Blackman was wrong and therefore is throwing his support behind Sergeant Alexander Blackman and even offering to cover all legal fees in order to have him either released from prison or his sentence drastically reduced – at least someone in the halls of power has a conscience.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has now ordered an inquest-style hearing into the deaths of 11 Iraqi civilians who were killed by British troops after the Saddam Hussein was removed from power in 2003.

It is expected that each hearing will cost the taxpayer approximately £2 million; money that could be used to better equip our troops or indeed spent on education or health care – yes those in power appear to know no end to the ways in which they can waste taxpayer’s money.

The recent High Court ruling also paves the way for a further 160 other cases of British troops allegedly involved in the deaths of Iraqis.  However the High Court did reject demands for open inquiries, but still insisted investigations must be made into allegations where Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Right to Life, may have been breached.

The public are now voicing their concern that there will be no end to the number of Iraqi civilians lining up to point the finger in order to be amply compensated; some are even suggesting that Tony Blair should be the one to foot the bill, after all it was on his orders that troops were deployed into what is widely acknowledged as an illegal incursion upon a sovereign state.

In another move there is the possibility that a further 800 troops could stand trial for the crime of breaking Article 3 of the Convention on Human Rights which prohibits the use of torture.

“We welcome the decision of the High Court to reject demands for a public inquiry into all allegations of wrongdoing by British forces in Iraq, which it argued would not be a reasonable or proportionate use of taxpayers’ money.” MoD spokesman

The move has also received wide criticism from some MPs and senior military figures including Colonel Tim Collins, the man responsible for leading the 1st Battalion, the Royal Irish Regiment, during the Iraq invasion; during an interview with the Sunday Telegraph he stated;

“The Human Rights Act has a lot to answer for. It has turned into a bean feast for ambulance-chasing lawyers. They are trying to apply the rules that you would to a fairground, to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.” Colonel Tim Collins

It is clearly time that the British Government and the MoD put its house in order and stopped the likes of Sir Jeremy Heywood from preventing documents being released to the Chilcot Inquiry so that Tony Blair can finally be held fully accountable and if found guilty executed in the same manner as Saddam Hussein.


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The trial of Sergeant Alexander Blackman is a clear indication that the Government and the MoD appear willing to subvert public attention away from those who are truly culpable; after all if troops had not been ordered into an illegal war then they would never of been put in harm’s way and they certainly wouldn’t be killing innocent men, women and children for that is what they are when those in Government perpetrate a crime resulting in an illegal war.

It’s high time the British public stood up and marched in numbers to Downing Street and demand that Sergeant Alexander Blackman is released and Sir Jeremy Heywood removed from his position and that all documents are released to the Chilcot Inquiry; regardless of how damning they happen to be.

The truth is out there but it certainly appears that the likes of Tony Blair and his co-conspirators don’t want the public to see the truth.

The law must be upheld for all, not just a selection that cannot fully defend themselves and do not have access to powerful friends in Whitehall who will do anything to bury the truth.

We can hang our heads in shame at being British and must do so until we find the bulldog spirit in order to demand and receive justice for our troops and indeed the people of Iraq.

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