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Emma Wilson Gets Life for Murdering 11 Month Old Son Callum

Emma Wilson Gets Life for Murdering 11 Month Old Son Callum

EMMA WILSON GETS LIFE FOR MURDERING 11 MONTH OLD SON CALLUM – Emma Wilson, 25, has been given a life sentence for the murder of her 11 month old son Cullum.

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At just 11 months old little Callum suffered a catalogue of abuse that finally resulted in him lying dying whilst his mother, Emma Wilson, engaged in posing for a selfie.

Emma Wilson Jailed for Life

Shortly after the final attack that left Cullum brain damaged beyond hope of survival, Emma Wilson took to happily smiling in a number of selfies alongside Cullum; it was without question one of the cruellest and most heinous acts anyone could engage upon.

It was one of the most horrific experiences a jury could ever face, for here was a young woman that beat her 11 month old baby so viciously that the neighbours complained of their ceiling vibrating.

The autopsy revealed that Cullum had suffered from a detached retina and an ‘unsurvivable’ brain injury.  In addition, the autopsy exposed a catalogue of abuse including no less than 11 broken bones.

During the trial, Emma Wilson attempted to pass the blame onto her other two year old child and accused him of beating Cullum and causing his injuries through his overly boisterous nature.

Sentencing Emma Wilson to a minimum of 14 years Judge Stephen Kramer QC said that Wilson had shown no emotion throughout the entire 5 week trail at the Old Bailey.

The jury was subjected to the full horror and clearly heinous act as they were shown a number of selfie images of Emma Wilson with Cullum; all of which were taken after each time she beat him.

There can be no words to aptly describe our disgust and anger for no real human being could ever inflict so much pain and misery upon a person, let alone an innocent child.

In our view there can be no rehabilitation for people like Emma Wilson who are clearly inherently evil to the core and detached from any form of remorse.

Once again calls upon the reinstatement of the death penalty for such a crime; for it is both righteous and just.

It is most likely, considering our current legal system, that Emma Watson will be walking freely among us within 15 years and until that time the taxpayer will be forced to house her, keep her in comfort and no doubt support her for the rest of her life as she will never be employable.

It is time the death penalty was reinstated so that the likes of Emma Watson never have the opportunity to harm another living soul, especially one so innocent.

Before you consider admonishing our views on the death penalty we implore you to scroll back up and again look at baby Cullum and ask yourself if he does not deserve justice and then ask yourself if you can be 100% positive that once released Emma Wilson wouldn’t kill another child – the death penalty however would ensure this.

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