Employment Minister Urges Young to Take Lowly Jobs

Employment Minister Urges Young to Take Lowly Jobs

EMPLOYMENT MINISTER URGES YOUNG TO TAKE LOWLY JOBS – According to Employment Minister Esther McVey, jobseekers need reminding that they have to start at the bottom and work their way up, instead of living a life on benefits or thinking they can just walk into a highly paid dream job.

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Meebal.com says …

And their lies the problem which Ms. McVey is obviously overlooking.

Ms. McVey is effectively telling the young to get a job no matter how lowly it might be; for example working in a Costa Coffee Shop.

This automatically, in our view, sends the wrong message in that people now have the mindset that such jobs are beneath them and that society will ridicule them for working in such positions.

We need to change that ideology so that people don’t feel as if they are at the bottom of the pile but rather productive members of society that contribute through their hard work.

Yes, it could be so easily perceived in this age of materialism where money rules the world, that some jobs are considered almost degrading but that’s probably why so many migrants are working whilst approximate 1 million people between the ages of 18 to 24 are currently living a life on the dole.

We have effectively brainwashed the younger generation into believing that such jobs are demeaning and therefore instead of creating self-respect and garnering the respect of their peers, they are looked down upon for taking up a job that many deem of little worth.

Let’s work towards changing societies work attitude and indeed the work ethic and start telling people that it doesn’t matter what job you do, for providing you are working and earning a wage it will allow you to hold your head up high and learn a trade that might allow you to climb the ladder of whatever an individual perceives as being successful.

Pride might well be viewed as a sin in some delusional quarters but it is ultimately what drives us and people should be made to feel proud of themselves that they are at least employed and therefore have a purpose.

People shouldn’t take the view that they are walking into a lowly job but rather a job that provides advancement, a stepping stone to greater things if you like.  With this mindset in place more young people might just take up gainful employment, providing more self respect and view it as a journey to fulfil their career goals.

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