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End Child Benefit for Migrant Workers Urges Boris Johnson

End Child Benefit for Migrant Workers Urges Boris Johnson

END CHILD BENEFIT FOR MIGRANT WORKERS URGES BORIS JOHNSON – Mayor of London Boris Johnson has urged the Prime Minister to deny migrant workers child benefit stating that Britain is far too generous with its welfare system.

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There can be little denying that Mr. Johnson is right in his assertion that Britain has become a magnet for migrants coming from countries such as Poland who provide much less in the way of welfare to its citizens, foreign or domestic.

Currently David Cameron and Poland’s foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski are embroiled in spat over welfare with Mr. Sikorski taking to twitter stating…

“If Britain gets our taxpayer’s, shouldn’t it also pay their benefits? Why should Polish citizens subsidise British taxpayer’s children?”

The Treasury continues pays child benefit to those not even living in the UK; the Treasury recently announced that some 40,000 children were being supported by the British taxpayer for children living in another EU member state.

Economically Britain needs migrants who are, as Mr. Johnson pointed out, talented and hard working; but once again the British taxpayer is now faced with the realisation that the last Labour Government simply refused to put in place any measurable controls; resulting in a mass number of migrants entering the UK simply to live off the generous benefit system.

Yesterday, the Chancellor George Osborne announced that more welfare cuts were needed in order to shave a further £12 billion from Britain’s welfare bill and one area should be the reduction and eventual eradication of all forms of child benefit.


Chancellor Demands More Welfare Cuts

There remains no sound reason as to why taxpayers should be forced to provide a financial subsidy for those wishing to have children.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… having a child is a ‘lifestyle’ choice and anyone taking the decision to have children should bear full responsibility.

If you look carefully at child benefits it’s easy to see just how lucrative it is and provides a growing number of people in the UK with the excuse not to work; that is they have half a dozen or more children and then expect the taxpayer to support their lifestyle.

As David Cameron and Radoslaw Sikorski continue to remain at loggerheads over the issue it could be easily resolved by simply phasing out child benefit resulting in the taxpayer feeling some relief whilst the parents are forced to take responsibility for their actions; it might be suggested that some people could do with a crash course in learning how to use contraceptives.

Of course such measures could be taken and implemented if David Cameron was indeed running the show.

However as we are now fully aware the Prime Minister, almost like Her Majesty the Queen, is merely a figure head as his powers have been shifted to the EU and as such any changes in the law would require EU commissioners to agree to a change and the likelihood of that scenario playing out for the benefit of Britain’s austerity strapped taxpayer’s is almost non-existent.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage appears to be one of the few politicians who fully realises the grip the EU has on Britain and its affairs and the sooner a referendum is served up the sooner we can once again install a Government in power that actually has the power to carry out the wishes of the voting public and not those in Brussels.

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