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Entire Family of Rapists Sentenced to Prison

Entire Family of Rapists Sentenced to Prison

ENTIRE FAMILY OF RAPISTS SENTENCED TO PRISON – A father, mother and two sons have all been sentenced to prison for the rape of multiple women.

The mother was sentenced to five years after threatening one victim with death whilst offering gifts to others so that none would testify in court.

Full story … Daily Mail

Meebal.com says…

The father, Milan Babic was actually jail last September after being convicted of no less than 22 rapes, 13 indecent assaults and one count of sexual harassment; all of which took place of a period of 30 years.

Milan Babic and Deborah Babic

Image Above – Left: Deborah Babic | Milan Babic

The period of time this animal was allowed to roam the streets is alone in itself offensive and leads to questioning whether the justice system is working adequately to protect the general public.

His sons, Mathue, 23 and Mikorlee, 17 were also imprisoned for a period of 8 years and 3 years respectively for rape.

Mathue Babic was found guilty to two counts of rape whilst his younger brother Mikorlee was sentenced to just one year at a young offenders institute for one count of rape.

Rapists - Mathue Babic and Mikorlee Babic

Image Above – Left: Mathue Babic | Mikorlee Babic

Their mother, Deborah Babic, 51, certainly is a unique individual for she was sentenced to five years for attempting to bribe numerous victims and even threatened one with death if she testified.

In my mind you’d have to be a pretty sad and indeed mentally disturbed individual to contemplate raping a person but when it comes to a woman who not only clearly condoned her husband’s and son’s activities but tried to cover them up goes beyond being slightly twisted to outrageously sick.

There should be only one possible sentence for all four; and the cost is just £20.00 – yes I’m referring again to a length of rope in which all four should be swinging from the end of.

For decades, since the abolition of the death penalty in 1969 (it was originally suspended in 1965 by Parliament) we have attempted to ‘rehabilitate’ criminals.  We’ve also created laws, notably the Human Rights Act 1998, in order to prevent people from harming either physically or mentally those who commit crime and who are consequently convicted.

Punishment is no longer a byword for justice and with it our liberal society has been thrust into what is little more than lawlessness; you only have to look at the statistics for reoffending or those reporting to the number of times criminals are let off with a suspended sentence; yes even for serious crimes.

As human beings we like to consider ourselves to be pretty astute and yet despite the on-going debacle of ‘rehabilitation’ we refuse to learn or rather accept that such doesn’t work.

I strongly suspect that most people feel things need reversing so that crime and punishment go hand in hand.

The father in this case is unlikely to see the light of day again but I worry about his sons. They’ve already had a taste of the power a rapist has over a defenceless woman and I wonder if that lure can be suppressed with rehabilitation.

With the youngest son being held in a young offender’s institution for just one year, meaning he’ll be out in three months, you have to consider whether he can be rehabilitated in such a short period of time.

Yes the liberal left-wing will scream from the belfry regarding his human rights but what about the victims and what about the potential victims?

I honestly believe our liberalisation of the judicial system has lead to us care more about criminals that we do the innocent victims.  Surely rehabilitation was never mean to be twisted to such a fashion but regardless of what brought us to this juncture there can be no denying that we have arrived at a place where justice no longer exists.

Every now and then some old goat in the House of Lords will stand up and mention the death penalty; this is quickly berated with a chorus from the liberals who have little or no real concept of the world in which we live and therefore any discussion on the matter is quickly quashed.

The fact remains that it is unlikely that the House of Lords will ever allow a public vote on the reinstatement of the death penalty for such would have vast public support; at the last count some 65% of the UK population said they would support the reinstatement of the death penalty for certain crimes, including premeditated murder, child rape, rape and terrorism.

Until we are able to finally admit that rehabilitation doesn’t work then our justice system will continue to fail the victims and ultimately the taxpayer will continue to pick up the bill where most criminals upon release will simply reoffend.

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