Escaping the Rat Race with a Private Tropical Island

ESCAPING THE RAT RACE WITH A PRIVATE ISLAND – Crime rates are going through the roof.  The taxman is squeezing every penny that you earn. The Government is run by criminals.

Considering the above is it any wonder why UK citizens are looking to move abroad.  There are literally thousands of people who are right now making final preparations to leave the UK.  Their bags are packed and they are counting down the days to when they will finally get on an airplane and never look back.

While there are thousands that are actually in the process of moving out there is probably many more that dream of finding some place, any place, that is better than the UK.

Let’s face it the Government sold the UK out to Europe decades ago and the only ones living the good life are the millions of foreign immigrants who are bleeding the social system dry.  It is no surprise as to why many British nationals no longer want any part of the society that once loved and called home.

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Moving abroad is a big deal and for the thousand that try it, many fail to adapt to their new surroundings.  Foreign countries are just that, foreign; and their customs and laws are something many fail to understand or can come to terms.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, or so we are lead to believe, but in many cases the culture change is simply too much of a shock.

How do I know so much?  I left the UK, for all reasons above just over ten years ago.  I simply felt that I no longer belonged in my own country.  I actually felt like an immigrant, an outsider and a mug for continuously paying into a system that benefited those who simply wanted to live off the back of my hard work without any intention of putting anything back into society.

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While I am not an anti-social person; I do in fact love the company of others over a beer or two, I am not the type of person who actually needs other people around me.  It was this trait that led me to believe that I could in fact live on an island – a tropical island.

One thing I really hate is the cold. The long winter nights and the howling wind, rain, sleet and snow is something I could definitely live without and so I set about looking for a tropical place to live and with the remit of finding an island.

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There are loads of islands around the world for sale.  There are a few well-known websites that deal exclusively in tropical islands, just try a Google or Bing search for ‘Tropical Islands for Sale’ and you will soon discover them.

So did I buy a tropical island?  No. There were a number of reasons why I failed in my quest or should I say changed my direction.  The first issue was cash. Yes cash is a horrible thing but in order to buy and run a private tropical island takes a serious amount of cash, well that is if you want an island worth living on.

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For me living on a tropical island had to be practical.  It would need electricity, running water, a home and a boat to commute.  The island would also have to be within reasonable distance of the mainland – driving a boat for hours and hours just to get supplies is not overly practical.

Also being in the vicinity of the mainland would also allow for proper medical attention if needed. These and other factors all cost money and I quickly discovered that islands that were situated near a mainland were very expensive.

I have to say that looking at some tropical islands that do look so idyllic but again most of these are well developed and run into millions of dollars, which was way outside what I could ever afford.

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I did look for islands were small communities were being developed and whereby one could purchase a plot of land on the island in order to build a home.  I have to say I was pretty shocked that I didn’t find that many as I thought the idea of a community island was indeed a good one.

For the few I did find the price bracket again ran into millions of dollars and these communities where setup exclusively for multi-millionaires, so little old Joe Blogs here certain wasn’t going to get a look in.

In the end I decided to hit South East Asia and ended up in Phuket, Thailand, which is an island with a tropical climate.  I have to be honest it was not the wisest move I had ever made.

Thais and their laws are completely alien and the Thais are not overly keen on foreigners.  I didn’t buy a property here because the law states that a foreigner cannot own land.  It is possible to set up a Thai company but even that is not strictly legal and even in this event it would mean having to put 51% of my assets into the hands of Thais – not something I would ever consider doing.

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After a number of years of living in Thailand I am now planning on moving again.  This time the destination is Langkawi Island, Malaysia.  Yes, I have a thing for island as I just find the pace of life far more agreeable.

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I have visited Langkawi on a few occasions and it far outstrips Phuket, which has now become just an ugly mess of concrete buildings and has lost all the tropical charm due to the incessant greed of the Thais, but that’s another story.

One of the best parts about Malaysia is that it has a foreign visa program, known as the ‘My Second Home Visa’ which allows foreigner to set up home and reside – unlike Thailand, the Malays are more forward thinking and allow foreigners to purchase land and buildings in their own name, providing they meet the Visa requirements.

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The question I more often get asked is, ‘Would you ever move back to the UK?’  The answer is a simply one… no.  I have not stepped foot on UK soil since I first left and I have no desire to either.  I am perfectly happy with my tropical lifestyle and with a little more hard work and saving of my pennies I will soon be moving again.

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I do often hanker for the lifestyle of a private tropical island and who knows one day my little business may blossom and it could become a reality.  At least I turned my initial dream of living in a tropical location in to reality and each step I make in life is a positive and happy step forward.

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