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Ethnic Communities Accused of Covering Up Child Grooming and Rape

Ethnic Communities Accused of Covering Up Child Grooming and Rape

ETHNIC COMMUNITIES ACCUSED OF COVERING UP CHILD GROOMING AND RAPE – There appears to me a vast disparity of justice in the UK.  For instance we’ve paid witness to numerous cases of vicious dogs attacking and scarring a child for life and the penalty for an animal engaging in such an atrocity? Death.

Yes, we don’t even give it a second thought; there is no prolonged trial, no attempts to rehabilitate but rather just the simple act of taking the animal to the vet and with just one injection the animal’s life is snuffed out so as to ensure it never has the capability to harm another child.

In 1965 the then Labour Government took the decision to suspend the death penalty which resulted in a public outcry considering just weeks later Myra Hindley and Ian Brady were found guilty to the rape, torture and murder of four children.

Public sentiment at the time widely supported the death penalty for certain crimes, in fact records indicated that at the time some 60% of the British population was opposed to abolishing the death penalty.

It is interesting to note that public support for the death penalty for the crimes of rape, murder and terrorism hasn’t waned at all and at the last count some 65% of the public are in favour of the death penalty being reinstated for such crimes.

As with most issues with Government control, they decided that to create a humanitarian society the death penalty should be abolished and in line with the liberal ideology that murderers and rapists could be rehabilitated and subsequently released back into society the Government abolished the death penalty in 1969.

The liberal indoctrination certainly has a lot to answer for and yet those who support such an ideology of rehabilitation are often unable to defend their ideology when people are released only to commit the same crime.

On the other hand the advocates of the death penalty have only one thing to relate and that is that the death penalty unequivocally ensures that a person lawfully put to death will never again have the opportunity to harm another human being; such is an undeniable fact.

Roll on the liberal indoctrination and take things even further.  They are now insisting that people like Ian Brady shouldn’t even be subjected to a life-time behind bars for the very idea that a person has to accept their fate of never being released is cruel and therefore inhumane.

This particular brew of liberal indoctrination is currently being challenged with the European Convention on Human Rights and if their track record is anything to go by, then it’s likely Britain will be forced to release all manner of criminals thereby putting the public in grave danger; but that in the eyes of the liberals is inconsequential providing they can attest to being humanitarians.

In the news is yet more crime of the most heinous nature which tells of a teenage Asian girl who was groomed and raped by up to 30 men, including her own father and brother.

In an ordeal that lasted some six hours she was repeatedly gang raped.

Shaista Gohir MBE, a campaigner to bring widespread abuse within the Asian communities to light, detailed the abuse in what is nothing short of a horrific report which details how rife grooming and child rape is within the ethnic communities and furthermore how schools, community leaders and even local authorities are attempting to cover it up in the name of a multicultural cohesion.

Ms. Gohir, a Muslim and women’s rights activist, not something normally go hand in hand with, used this recent case to call upon the authorities to do more to tackle the abuse.

There are those, predominantly the Muslim community leaders, who are denying that any such abuse takes place for such is against Islamic law… these so-called leaders (Imam’s) obviously haven’t bother to read the newspapers for considering the number of high-profile cases in recent years it is obvious that many Muslims are quite willing to suffer temporary amnesia from their religious indoctrination in order to satisfy their perversions.

Birmingham City Council has been presented with Ms. Gohir’s report which highlights 35 cases of abuse undertaken by Muslim men within a number of communities throughout the UK.

Despite widespread belief that Muslims prefer white girls only, this according to Ms. Gohir, is a myth for these men will target children mainly from their own communities for they know the practice can be covered up far more easily.

We certainly remember the Rochdale and Oxford sex abuse cases where a number of Asian men were imprisoned for grooming and raping white girls but again the problem, according to Ms. Gohir, is far more widespread within ethnic communities.

Within the report Ms. Gohir talks of how children within the ethnic communities are put at risk for they are often silenced through blackmail; that is they are told that any mention of the heinous crime leveled against them would ultimately bring shame and dishonor on their entire family.

Ms. Gohir goes on to state that often when the abuse is revealed the families in many cases simply get rid of the problem by sending the child abroad and then marrying her off.

It appears therefore that the families of victims are more worried about being publicly shamed or losing their honour rather than protecting their children; I wonder where the shame is and how such an act of covering up the truth could ever be seen as honourable.

Once again the liberal development of British society is bought into question and I often wonder if those who supported the ideology of a cohesive multicultural Britain will ever stand up and admit their failings.

Frankly Britain has enough perverts of its own but now we appear to be importing them, all for the sake of some clearly delusional ideology.

Maybe it’s time we insisted on reinstating the death penalty so we can remove them permanently from society without them being a financial burden and ultimately ensure that they are never again given the opportunity to harm another child.

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