Etihad A380 Apartment

by Editor | May 6, 2014 6:57 am

ETIHAD A380 APARTMENT – With the creation of the Airbus A380 many of the world’s airlines signed up to the possibility that air travel would be revolutionised.

Certainly they were not wrong and with the A380 came even greater levels of comfort; yes even for us minions who are subjected to cattle class for we were given a little extra leg room.

As for the well-healed business person the level of comfort was certainly stepped up but for those few, where money is no object, the First Class cabin took on a whole new meaning and many of the airlines focused on providing the ultimate in luxury by providing First Class Suites; yes those little private cubicles of ultimately privacy, tranquillity and luxury that I’ll never get to see the inside of.

When it comes to beating the competition it’s widely accepted that the Middle East and certain Asian airline operators have really pushed out the boat and for the super rich Etihad might just have created an almost private jet experience within a commercial airline with its new Apartments; yes an entire apartment.

The cost of such luxury; well that would be around $20,000 one way; yes one way, but according to Etihad you get a lot of bang for your bucks including your own living room with a 32-inch flatscreen TV, a very comfortable double bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

When it comes to ‘personal service’ well there’s even your own butler and gourmet chef.

If money is no object and you are able to fly by private jet this might be an attractive alternative and certainly it’s a lot cheaper than renting or owning a private jet.

As for the rest of us mere mortals, well we just ought to be thankful for the extra 2” of leg room and the congealed offerings that someone passed up on the last flight.

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