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EU Announces Benefits Tourism is a Myth

EU Announces Benefits Tourism is a Myth

EU ANNOUNCES BENEFITS TOURISM IS A MYTH – Laszlo Andor, the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion attacked British politicians stating they are xenophobic over the issues of migrants entering Britain and claiming benefits; according to Mr. Andor Benefit Tourism is a myth.

Read full article … Daily Mail says…

Mr. Who? That’s right who in the dickens is Mr. Andor?

Well he must be pretty important for he effectively has three jobs but that doesn’t alter the fact that if you asked 100 people on the streets of Britain who Mr. Andor is and what he does for a living I suspect you’ll draw a blank.

Like so many of the Eurocrats the British public haven’t got a clue who they are; maybe that is why the Vice-President of the European Commission Viviane Reding earlier this week announced that the British public were too ignorant to have an EU referendum.


British Too Ignorant to be Allowed an EU Referendum

The issue here is of course how Britain is being abused by migrant entering the country only to live off the back of the British taxpayer.

Mr. Andor, in order to justify his job and dispel any notions that things are not all rosy simply retorts to labelling the British and in particular its politicians, xenophobic.

Today, as you will see from the link above, the Daily Mail has published an article depicting one Romanian family; well it’s actually more like an entire community for such is the size of the family.

The head of the clan is Rudi Ion and according to him he has probably over 100 family members living on benefits in the UK.  He states ‘probably’ because he’s not actually sure how many family members there are due to the size but he is convinced there are over 100 of them.

Rudi and his immediate family, his wife and two children, sister and aunt all live in a shabby little three bedroom terrace house in the Midlands.

Their new home, a council house, might be a little shabby but it’s a damn sight better that the squalid shack in which they resided back home in Romanian, thanks largely to a Government that cares nothing for its people and who were openly delighted with the EU right of free movement – it effectively meant that the Romanian Government could achieve a little ethnic cleansing at the UK’s expense.

No doubt it will come as a great comfort to the UK taxpayer to know that Rudi and his family are delighted to be in the UK for as Rudi stated; ‘Your benefits system is crazy; it’s like finding a sack full of cash in the road.’

What can we say but… ‘You’re welcome Rudi and we’re sure there are hundreds of more relatives you can contact, for certainly under EU totalitarian rule where a sovereign nations democracy was sold down the river, you and your kin cannot be denied the ability to live a life at the expense of others.’

You really must read the article in the Daily Mail for this is more of an interview and within it Rudi goes on to state… “Your benefits system is crazy – I would actually say it was sick.”

Yes Rudi has a point and it’s a little contentious to consider that it is a foreign national who now has to point out the obvious; which is that Britain is now being ruled under a dictatorship and by people we’ve never heard of in order to allow others to abuse us.

We’ve seen this before; in fact Nigel Farage pointed this out clearly in the EU Parliament when he attacked Herman Van Rompuy; declaring the obvious in that he has all the appearance of a low grade bank clerk that nobody has ever heard of… yes it was a bit rude and no doubt quite a few bank clerks took offence at being associated with the likes of Mr. Rompuy – see the video below.

If you think I’m being a little cynical here or rather a xenophobe as Mr. Andos would like to call it then take a look at the European Parliament website – click here.  There are 766 members elected from 28 member states and considering the power they wield over British policy you really should be aware of who they are and what they do.

The reality is that it is most unlikely that any of my readers would be able to name 20 of the 766 members let alone know what their jobs actually entail.

Yes again I could be a sceptic and declare they do nothing other than turn up to claim their €300 expenses per day and then find a quite bar to celebrate their position of being able to control and entire nation under a cloud of anonymity.

Benefits tourism in the UK is NOT a myth but rather a reality as Rudi clearly points out. Currently benefits tourism is being declared by the EU as something that’s not really damaging to the UK economy or the economy of other EU member states but again Rudi clearly points out that once more people know how easy it is to claim then more will come and the word is beginning to spread.

It has to be acknowledged that Britain does need migrants for we have an aging population and the balance of the workforce versus the care of pensioners needs addressing but this can only be achieved through strict migration controls; in other words only allowing those in who have job offers or those who are highly skilled and where there is demand in the labour market for such skills.

Over the last 18 months the Government has been working on welfare reforms in order to stave off the same fate to that of Greece – yes it really is that bad and unless we are able to tackle this issue without interference from the faceless despots in the EU then it’s likely Britain will be declared bankrupt and therefore forced to beg the IMF and the EU for a bailout; such will only involve handing over more powers to the EU.

Certainly as a humanitarian and tolerant society we don’t like to see those less fortunate suffer but the plight of the Romanians along with Bulgarians is their own doing for they refuse to address the issues in their own countries and yet appear willing to drag down Britain to the same level or worse.

When did Britain, once the ruler of one quarter of the world, give up and hand over its sovereignty to the likes of Mr. Andos and the 765 other unidentifiable dictators?

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