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EU Demands More Cash From Britain

EU Demands More Cash From Britain

EU DEMANDS MORE CASH FROM BRITAIN – If the European Parliament had been a commercial organisation it would have gone bust within less than 6 months of operation; that is the stark reality of just how badly mismanaged the European Union is.


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According to the latest round of incompetence the EU has now stated that it will run out of money within the next few months and that it is demanding that member states come up with £3.5 billion in order to keep it solvent.

European Union

The EU has ordered Britain to hand over £450 million as its contribution to the required capital injection and will once again leave the British taxpayer crying out in desperation for an EU referendum.


EU Plans to Strip Britain of its Legal Rights

EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, one of the hordes of non-elected officials, has stated that the additional funds are required in order to meet the EU’s legal obligations.

It is yet unclear as to what exactly these ‘legal obligations’ are but it’s likely to pay for the mountains of legislation that EU Commissioners create each day that in effect force British taxpayer’s to hand over their hard earned cash – money that could be effectively used to solve many issues within its own borders.

It was of course less than six months ago that the EU demanded £6.4 billion to keep it afloat and this latest round of forced capital injection will take the total to over £126 billion this year alone.

Last night Tory MPs were urging David Cameron to stand firm and refuse the EU any more cash; however unlikely that may be.

Other member nations are calling on the European Parliament to cut its spending as cash strapped nations simply cannot continue feeding the beast whose appetite for other people’s money appears to know no ends.

Other MPs are calling for greater action and a referendum as they claim that the EU is simply making a mockery of member states austerity measures in order to reduce  their spending.

One MP, Mr. Carswell, took things further by stating that Mr. Cameron should face the EU and tell them to ‘go and get stuffed’.  If Mr. Cameron was to fail in such a move then the EU wouldn’t be the one facing public admonishment but rather Mr. Cameron.

Any move by Mr. Cameron to provide the funds to Europe will certainly have UKIP out on the streets condemning the Government for continuously supporting what is little more than a bunch of incompetent fools that we have no control over.


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Some Tories feel that if Mr. Cameron rolls over and provides the required funds this would probably end any chances the Tories have of being re-elected and that they may indeed be forced into an alliance with UKIP – that is on the provision that UKIP would in fact accept such an alliance.


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No Hope for Britain Within the European Union

The ball is firmly in Mr. Cameron’s court but I doubt the taxpayer will witness any miraculous growth of a spine in the next couple of weeks and the outcome is likely that Mr. Cameron will roll over and hand over yet more money to what is little more than a despot organisation that is hell bent on bankrupting every EU member state.

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