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EU Free Movement Has Caused Difficulties Admits Barroso

EU Free Movement Has Caused Difficulties Admits Barroso

EU FREE MOVEMENT HAS CAUSED DIFFICULTIES ADMITS BARROS – Today the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso will announce that the right of free movement has strained member state relationships due to the system being open to abuse.

Despite this astounding and dare we say openly honest revelation Mr. Barroso will not however compromise citizens’ rights – in plain English that mean he and the other EU Commissioners under his control will do absolutely nothing about it… yes it’s easier to get paid vast sums of taxpayer’s money whilst doing completely nothing; a trait well practiced by those in the EU.

Yesterday, the Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers insisted that the majority of people did not want to leave the European Union despite mass public sentiment that an EU referendum should be held. See: Daily Mail

That’s a little odd considering the UKIPs main precept is to get the UK out of the European Union and considering that UKIP is heading for a landslide victory in the May European Elections; we could suggest that Ms. Villiers might just be wrong on that issue.

The last polls suggested that over 55% of the British public would indeed provide an ‘Out’ vote unless David Cameron was able to significantly reduce Brussels incessant interference into the way Britain is governed.

Last week the Vice-President of European Commission, Viviane Reding, told an audience in London that the British were simply too ignorant to be allowed an EU referendum and that considering Brussels now creates 70% of all UK law it’s unlikely such would succeed.


British Too Ignorant to be Allowed an EU Referendum

The move by Mr. Barroso is merely a token in which he shows that he does understand Britain’s concerns over the right of free movement and the abuse that has followed; but again the words will merely echo around the room, carry no weight or possible solutions, and yes its more EU rhetoric for the British public to choke on.

I often wonder if the likes of Mr. Barroso simply make empty statements detailing the issues but refusing to address them is just to bait the British public.

He of course fully understands that no matter how moronic he and his policies are that he and his over inflated salary is well protected by all the other EU despots.  It’s little surprising that Nigel Farage likes to attack Mr. Barroso and his policies for in fact they are not real policies just statements that underline the issues with no possible solutions.

Mr. Barroso is not without throwing the dog a bone although his suggestions on cracking down on sham marriages in order for non-EU citizens claim benefits doesn’t really have much meat on it for he is refusing to compromise on the right of all EU citizens to move freely across all 28 members states.

It is of course, as Mr. Barroso has pointed out on numerous occasions, one of the ‘four founding pillars’ which guarantees the free movement of capital, services, goods and labour.

Regardless of the Home Secretary’s recent report on ‘benefit tourism’ Mr. Barosso summarily dismissed such stating there was little or no evidence;  some however wondered if he’d bothered to read the entire report at all.

Mr. Barosso certainly must have read the highlights because he took offense at the part in which a report by the Sunday Telegraph revealed that some 600,000 unemployed EU migrants were now living off the backs of the taxpayer in the UK; again such information was summarily dismissed.

Again we can see that Mr. Barroso will tell us that he can see a number of issues but it is clear that neither he nor the EU as a whole is prepared to effectively address the situation or come up with a plan to stamp out the abuse.

I honestly believe that the UK public now feel almost imprisoned by EU policy making and that come the EU Elections UKIP will take a landslide victory that will send a message not only to Downing Street but to the entire European Parliament in that the British people would indeed pull out of the EU if they were given their god given right to an open democratic vote; something David Cameron and his EU masters are denying the British public at present.

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