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EU Gravy Train Continues to Fleece the Taxpayer

EU Gravy Train Continues to Fleece the Taxpayer

EU GRAVY TRAIN CONTINUES TO FLEECE THE TAXPAYER – A recent study in the Netherlands provided evidence to suggest that every household would be £8,000 a year better off if it left the European Union. See Daily Mail

Now I don’t know about you but that’s a significant saving and one where most British households would relish at the thought of having an extra £8,000 annual; by not having to support what is little more than a system of non-elected despot EU commissioners.

In 2012 a study was conducted in order to find ways for the EU bureaucracy to save money; this was of course at a time when a number of EU member states were seeking a bailout and it was clear that the EU really didn’t have the vast sums required.

According to the study the EU could have saved a staggering £33 billion a year if it cut back on all the wasteful administration; and none more so than the hundreds of EU quangos setup in order to provide little more than highly paid employment of EU Commissioners chums and family members.

Unless you’re completely blind to the situation in the European Union then you’ll have an adequate grasp on just how much money Britain is forced to hand over annually to the EU Parliament; the figure currently stands at approximately £50 million a day.

You’ll also be equally knowledgeable that the only benefits derived are to those within the EU Parliament.

I doubt there has ever been in the history of mankind a more wasteful and despised entity than the European Parliament and it increasingly appears those within will do whatever it takes to continue financially raping the taxpayer and wasting billions of pounds annually in the process.

OK, you’ve rumbled me… I’m not a fan of the EU and in fact I sincerely believe that the EU is moving closer and closer to a totalitarian dictatorship with its ever increasing mountains of legislation that effectively forces the taxpayer to comply to its demands and in the process continues to successful force the British Government to open up the Treasury to cover their incessant greed and incompetency.

Yet again the taxpayer is being subjected to more truth of financial incompetency and abuse of taxpayer’s money as the media reveals more waste.

This time it’s dubbed the EU Gravy Train which unravels how £150 million a year is being wasted transporting eurocrats back and forth from France to Belgium once a month for just 72 hours.

Each month 3,000 staff and 766 MEPs are relocated en mass, along with 25,000 trunks of documents, from their main seat in Brussels to Strasbourg some 270 miles away.

In order to achieve this fleets of privately chartered trains, planes and automobiles are procured in or to move everything and all this, despite wasting over 360,000 man hours a year, just to comply with the 1992 European Treaty.

Madness?  Well yes it is and even many politicians think so. Last year a vote was cast in order to put an end to this particular wastefulness of public money.  The result was a three to one vote on ending the practice but unfortunately their vote was completely and utterly pointless.

Yes once again those in the EU Parliament wasted time, effort and taxpayer’s money on voting to change a system that effectively cannot be changed… why?

Good question… for such a change to take effect requires ALL EU member states being in agreement.  If one, yes just one, decides they are not keen on the idea then they have the power to veto the change and therefore such is thrown out.

I know what you’re thinking… one person, one vote and under a democracy the majority vote must be put into effect.

You’re having a laugh.  Oh please, let’s not mention the word democracy within the same line of the European Union for the despots have no intention of ever allowing democracy to take precedence over the decision making process; isn’t it crystal clear by now that the European Union is effectively a dictatorship?

So who vetoed the move that would save £150 million of the taxpayer’s money… that would be France for the monthly EU jaunt back and forwards nets the French economy some £17 million and they are not about to give up such a tidy sum just to provide relief to the taxpaying minions – after all they have no say as this is the European Union where laws are created by dictators and the minions are controlled by non-elected despots.

The monthly journey takes about four hours by train and most of the overpaid dictators won’t arrived at parliament until gone 3pm; which is ample time to walk in, sign their names, claim their €300 daily expenses allowance and then be chauffeured to their chosen plush hotel; the price of which has doubled because the hoteliers know the circus is in town and there maximises profit.

This whole debacle results in some 2,500 trunks of documents, the MEPs and their army of staff being transported to effectively work for just 2 whole days in Strasbourg before being transported, with all their paperwork, back to Brussels.

Now as you might be aware the MEPs don’t like to slum it; and why should they when someone else is picking up the tab.

They have a choice in how they travel which consists of either the privately charted luxury high-speed trains, one of the plush top of the range Mercedes Benz or in one of the private charter jets that the EU lays on… all at our expense.

Yes, most taxpayers in austerity ridden Britain where its economic recovery is being driving by credit couldn’t afford a holiday at Great Yarmouth and yet the MEPs are on an average of £300,000 a year with all the free travel you can shake a stick at.


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What can we do about it?  From the outside looking in it does appear that the taxpayer is helpless to defend themselves from the financial rape and pillaging but that’s only because we are indoctrinated into the ideology that we must comply with Government legislation.

Of course none of the hard working and honest taxpayers want to break the law and neither should they, but there is a way to put an end to this debacle… it’s called democracy; you know that concept were everyone has the right to vote and where the majority voice prevails.

I know it’s a bit draconian but democracy, even in this day and age of totalitarian Government control, can and does work if the people make it so.

I’d like to see the BBC conduct a national debate; it would certainly be far more productive than the clap-trap they currently produce at the taxpayers’ expense.

The debate should call upon all citizens to decide on whether it’s worth voting, for it has become evident that a vote is little more than a person’s democratic right to elect the next dictator who will drop their trousers and readily present themselves at the bequest of their EU masters.

The other issue is that of the EU referendum.  Yes, I’ve heard David Cameron stating that he’s going to give the people an EU referendum in 2017 on the provision that the public re-elect him in 2015 – where I come from such is often termed as ‘blackmail’.

The trouble is the House of Lords gets to say whether we get a vote or not and it’s looking decisively undemocratic for it appears the public are going to be denied an EU referendum just because some politicians don’t like the idea of not being able to get a high paying job at the taxpayer’s expense once their voted out of office in Britain.

The answer is simple… If the British people are denied an EU referendum then they must exercise their democratic right to abstain from voting in the General Election until such a time whereby we are provided with our democratic right to decide Britain’s future in the EU if at all.

The other solution is to vote UKIP and hope that they hold true to their promise of an EU referendum; although that could and almost certainly would be blocked by the House of Lords.

I’m afraid democracy died the day we signed up to the EU and unless the public are allow to put a stop to it or demand significant changes to Britain’s membership then the situation will only worsen and the public will be required to comply with whatever the dictators demand.

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