EU Immigration Loophole Makes a Mockery of British Citizens

EU IMMIGRATION LOOPHOLE MAKES A MOCKERY OF BRITISH CITIZENS – Someone the other day told me it would be madness for anyone to vote UKIP with the prospect of pulling out of the EU.  The persons views were typical of the Liberal Left-Wing attitude of ‘Shut Up’ and do as we say and as more and more news of how badly the EU affects the British Citizen is it any wonder why we want no more to do with Europe?


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We have all be subjected to the on-going news articles where gangs of foreigners have been setting up ‘sham marriages’ in order to allow foreigners to flood the country and live a life at the expense of the taxpayer but now it is revealed that there is a serious loophole in the EU laws that actually allows this type of activity to occur and go unpunished.


According to news reports this loophole has allowed up to 20,000 immigrants reside in the UK in the last year alone.

So how does this work and why is this yet another slap in the face for British citizens?

Currently under EU law and EU national living in the UK is allowed to bring their spouse or partners, including their families to the UK regardless of where they come from.

Let me explain… Let’s say a Romanian who resides in the UK creates a ‘sham-marriage’ with someone from Somalia.  This would entitle the Somalia national the right to reside in the UK along with their family; and yes you’ve guessed it, they are all full entitled to welfare at the expense of the British taxpayer.

So why, you might be asking is this a slap in the fact for a British citizen?  Well apart from having to house, feed and clothe these people the same rights are NOT afforded to a British Citizen.

It is estimated that some 700,000 immigrants will enter the UK in 2013 and this figure will almost certainly grow after 2014.

I can tell you from firsthand experience as I am married to Thai. The rules for me, if I want to bring my wife to the UK, are that I must show an income of £18,600 or more in order to guarantee that she, or her family members, is not a burden on the taxpayer.

As you can imagine I’m more than a little agitated by this, but it gets worse.  For the foreigner there are no background checks, or checks of any kind to ensure they are not criminals or undesirables and yet my wife would have to undergo 6 months of interrogation by UK Immigration Officials in order to decide whether she is a suitable candidate for entering and residing in the UK.

Last year alone MigrationWatch, a UK think-tank, warned that this loophole would result in the increase in ‘sham-marriages’ and allow for an influx of organised crime if the loophole wasn’t closed.

“This is a loophole that must be closed and soon. It is absurd that EU citizens should be in a more favourable position than our own citizens.

Furthermore, 20,000 per year is a very large number to admit unconditionally, especially compared to the government’s target of tens of thousands for annual net migration.

Under the rules, a member of the family of an EU citizen – who has the right to travel to and work freely in Britain – can bring in their family under a European Economic Area family permit.”  Sir Andrew Green,

Considering my situation it is tempting to test the ‘Human Rights Act 1998, Article 8’ which states that I must NOT be deprived of the right to ‘family life’.

Surely if I pushed this issue the British Immigration Services would not be allowed to persecute me or my wife as refusal to allow entry or even delay entry through the immigration process would only cause me and my wife stress; something I could no doubt sue the British Government over in order to claim damages.

The BBC has reported that over 600,000 British white people have fled the capital in just the last 10 years alone and this figure is set to rise. It is now official; our lax and appalling immigration system has now resulted in British white people being in the ethnic minority group in our own capital.

The whole system is completely flawed and as we continue to allow the EU to dictate our laws this can only get worse.


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I did read an article yesterday whereby Cameron is now considering bringing an EU referendum before the next General Election that will hopefully save the Tory Party from a humiliating defeat.  This is something I have advocated for a long time and a referendum needs to come before 2014 in order to close the gates on the Right of Free Movement.

Would you vote to pull out of the EU?  Have your say… leave your comments below.  If you have a story on this subject we would be happy to publish it; please contact us.

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