EU Plans to Limit Vehicle Speeds with Limiter

EU PLAN TO LIMIT VEHICLE SPEEDS WITH LIMITER – Once again Brussels step in with an attempt to control our every movement.

This time the EU wants to create a law that will require every vehicle in the UK to be fitted with a ‘speed limiter’ in order to prevent anyone from speeding.

The concept is simple enough, cameras on road signs will be fitted which will then be able to read the speed of any vehicle and the device fitted to the vehicle will then apply the brakes if the car is deemed to be speeding.

EU to Fit Speed Limit Device on Cars

Yet again we are faced with a ‘Big Brother’ who wants to create a draconian law in order to control our every waking moment.

The law, if passed; or should we say when passed, will require every manufacturer to build the device into any new cars.  As for existing cars the car owners will be required to have the device fitted at an approved installation centre.

The Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, is reported as being furious over this latest move by Brussels to control British citizens and has urged officials, MPs and Ministers to oppose such a move.

The EC Mobility and Transport Department are hoping that the new ‘Intelligent Speed Adaptation’ (ISA) will slash the number of road deaths by up to one-third by 2020.

The EU issued a statement with statistics that clearly showed that people were dying needlessly each year on our roads due to excessive speeds. According to research more than 30,000 die each year on European roads and over 1.5 million are injured with some 120,000 being permanently disabled.

Of the 30,000 deaths some 6,000 are directly attributed to drivers breaking the law by speeding and the EU hopes that this new device will end the carnage.

Patrick McLouglin stressed that the UK roads were one of the safest in Europe with last year’s death toll standing at just fewer than 1,800. According to the departments own research British roads are now at their safest since first recording road accidents in 1926.

The Transport Secretary went on to point out that both Germany and France have a recorded road death toll rate of almost twice that of the UK.

It is little wonder why the British public wants a referendum on the EU and as Brussels continues to tighten its grip on everything and anything we do it is almost certain that the British public will vote to opt-out.

A spokesman for the AA also noted a flaw in the system that could in fact kill more road users; for instance when over taking a slow vehicle were acceleration was need in order to pass safely – if the vehicles brakes were automatically applied this could well end up resulting in a fatal accident.

We all want to see fewer accidents on our roads and certainly none of us want to be involved in a road accident.  However we should not be wrapped up in cotton wool by any despot organization; which is exactly what Brussels is.

As the British public languishes in the ever mass of EU legislation we remain subjected by Cameron’s government with their legislative abuse – that is until we finally get the referendum we so badly want.

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