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EU President Barroso Tells Cameron Power Claw Back Will Fail

EU President Barroso Tells Cameron Power Claw Back Will Fail

EU PRESIDENT BARROSO TELLS CAMERON POWER CLAW BACK WILL FAIL – EU President Jose Manuel Barroso last night said that any attempts for Britain to claw back powers from the EU is doomed to failure.

David Cameron has promised the British public a referendum on an in/out EU vote in 2017 if he is re-elected in 2015 and on the provision that he cannot secure a better deal with Europe.

President Barroso told other EU member states that Mr. Cameron’s plan to renegotiate Britain’s involvement in Europe is simply unreasonable – it cannot expect other member states to agree to such fundamental changes.

Jose Manuel Barroso - EU President

Of course Mr. Barroso is perfectly correct; what is good for one should be good for another and each member state has agreed on the requirements for their involvement in the EU.

What Mr. Cameron wants to do is to ‘cherry pick’ what he feels are the beneficial elements of being a member state and removing anything Britain considers damaging to its economy and prosperity of Britain.

Basically what Mr. Cameron is attempting to do is to have a larger slice of the cake without having to bother paying for it.

I am no fan of the European Union; in fact it’s become a despot state of non-elected socialists that simply want to turn the whole of Europe into one nation and in the process remove all sovereign nations national identities.

We are already fully aware of how wasteful the EU has become and indeed ineffective.  Earlier this year the EU demanded £6.4 billion in order to keep it afloat and again late last month the EU again called upon member states for yet another £3.4 billion in order to meet its legal obligations.


EU Demands More Cash From Britain

EU Continues to Spend, Spend, Spend

The issue here is that the EU is not accountable to anyone but itself and like any despot government those running it will always protect themselves and their positions regardless of the economical damage they may cause in the process.

The EU should never have been allowed to be developed beyond trade agreements.  It could be argued that we have more freedom; in that we can travel or indeed reside and work in other member states.

The truth is that we didn’t need an EU to make this possible; Britain along with other European nations could have negotiated such a deal on their own in order to boost economical growth.

President Barroso did state that other member states are willing to listen to Britain’s requests; one of these being the demand that the historic EU aim of ‘ever-closer union’ is scrapped.  However, this and other such demands, are most likely to be ignored.

Britain is not the only country in the EU that wants to claw back powers in order to reduce the meddling and cost from the European Parliament, but again the only way to achieve this is to disband the EU and start again.

Mr. Cameron is now in a precarious situation for he has staked his reputation on being able to claw back the powers.  If he is unable to do so then he will be required to provide a referendum and as things stand at present such a referendum would likely see Britain waving a fond bon voyage to Europe.

Mr. Barroso, when question by the press, stated that the EU would listen but it would never, under any circumstances, agree to a fundamental change. In his words there was simply no prospect of wholesale changes to suit an individual member state to the ‘acquis’ – the EU book of regulations that currently contains 150,000 regulations.

Mr. Barroso’s comments will only harden the views of the Eurosceptics with many already calling for a referendum as soon as possible.

Under the current EU regulations Britain simply cannot survive as we will continuously be called upon to bail out the EU and other member states. Other issues including Britain’s inability to control migration and dispense justice is also in question and Mr. Barroso’s comments have made it perfectly clear that Britain will not be able to renegotiate; which leaves Britain with only one option – wave bon voyage.

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