EU Summit Aims to Fill Two Top Jobs

EU Summit Aims to Fill Two Top Jobs

BBC – EU leaders are heading for a special Brussels summit to decide who should fill two top EU jobs – foreign policy chief and European Council president.

The talks are likely to run late into the evening, as no clear favourite has been announced for either job.

Catherine Ashton will step down as foreign policy chief in November, along with Herman Van Rompuy, the council president who chairs EU summits.

Top women politicians from Denmark and Italy are said to be strong contenders.

The summit comes a day after the European Parliament confirmed Jean-Claude Juncker as the new president of the European Commission – the most powerful job in Brussels.

Mr Juncker, an ardent advocate of closer EU integration, got clear majority support from EU government leaders and MEPs. But the UK government and many British MEPs opposed him, doubting whether he could deliver far-reaching reform of the EU.

Some commentators say the European Council – the government leaders of the 28 member states – may only manage to nominate a foreign policy chief on Wednesday, falling short of agreement on both jobs.

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