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EU Tells Britain it CANNOT Rewrite EU Immigration Rules

EU Tells Britain it CANNOT Rewrite EU Immigration Rules

EU TELLS BRITAIN IT CANNOT REWRITE EU IMMIGRATION RULES Martin Schulz, European Parliament President, entered the fight over Britain’s plans to restrict immigration by stating that free movement is a fundamental principle in which Britain is a signatory and therefore it is not up for any renegotiation

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Yesterday Viviane Reding, the Vice President of the European Commission, came out to state exactly the same thing as Labour insisted that the right of free movement should be about ‘workers’ not ‘jobseekers’.


Free Movement for Workers NOT Jobseekers Declares Labour

Going back to October 2013 and President Barroso also waded into the argument of Britain wanting to claw back powers from the EU stating that the EU would never allow such and that any attempts to do so would fail.


EU President Barroso Tells Cameron Power Claw Back Will Fail

It is crystal clear to anyone with a modicum of common sense that the EU is not about to roll over just because David Cameron doesn’t like a certain aspect of the legislation he and the previous Labour Government became signatories to.

Of course Mr. Cameron is under an enormous amount of pressure from growing public sentiment of having an EU referendum and his only chance to quell a majority ‘out’ vote would be his ability to present evidence to the voting public that he has managed to claw back key powers that allows Britain to be run by the British Government and not the despot dictators in the EU.

As we are now fully aware the EU Referendum Bill is now working its way through the House of Lords and there is already clear opposition to passing such a bill that would force any sitting Government to legally provide a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.

Unfortunately there are those, such as Lord Mandelson, who don’t want the public to have a vote; he and quite a few others, appears content that Britain should continue down the road of communism in order to eradicate any signs of a democracy and eventually turn Britain into the EU’s poodle.


Mandelson Says Public Should NOT be Given EU Referendum

Such a future would leave the public vote a pointless and hollow exercise for whoever was voted into power would have to abide unconditionally with EU legislation; the truth is Britain won’t be given any choices and the EU will continue to fleece the taxpayer in order to keep the despot state fully operational.

The EU despots and Europhiles will call and others with such opinions as Euroscepticis and those playing to public sentiment that the EU is a willful force that simply wants to rule with unequivocal power that no member state may question.

Despite which side you take the truth is that any changes Mr. Cameron wishes to make will have to go through the EU Parliament for approval and they have time and time again made it perfectly clear that the EU will not allow Britain to change EU legislation.

We face a very real danger of being usurped and forced against our will to adopt a regime that is nothing short of a dictatorship run by non-elected failed politicians from all over Europe.

If the House of Lords declares that the EU Referendum Bill cannot be passed then come the next General Election in 2015 your vote will become null and void for you will not be voting in a Government that will bend to the will of the people of Britain but rather a Government that will be forced to bend over in order to accommodate the dictators in the European Parliament.

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