EU Trade Benefits are Pure Fantasy and Lies

by Editor | May 5, 2014 6:17 am

EU TRADE BENEFITS ARE PURE FANTASY AND LIES – According to an article today in the Daily Mail the trade advantages of Britain being in the European Union single market are ‘imaginary’ at best and indeed UK exports have grown at a slower rate than trade with other leading non-European countries over the past 40 years.

Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg continue feeding us with the mantra that pulling out of the EU would cost Britain hundreds, if not millions, of jobs; however a Civitas report paints an entirely different picture.

Civitas claims that far from being beneficial it’s stifling trade with other countries outside of the European Union; this is something that Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, has continuously spoken of and yet Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have remained adamant that this is not the case.

Look back to the EU Debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg; it was Nigel Farage who pointed out the discrepancies of trade with numerous examples and yet Nick Clegg had nothing more than to repeat the mantra that pulling out of the EU would cost Britain hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Civitas claims that Britain’s total exports of goods and services abroad are no higher than when Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973 and therefore there is no evidence to support the claims that the European Union is the life-blood or be-all and end-all of Britain’s ability to trade.

What is interesting is the trade outside of the European Union, for Britain’s trade with countries such as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland have increased enormously over the same period.

With the report revealing so much contrary evidence why does the likes of Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg continue to peddle the fear that Britain wouldn’t survive without the European Union.

In our view this comes down to two specific areas; the first being employment. Yes the EU is where all failed politicians end up and with the vast salaries, all the expenses you can shake a stick at and with a platinum pension thrown in it’s not surprising they want to keep the EU alive.

The second issues is that of unbridled political control; that is the ability to control a nation without a nation being able to exercise its democratic right of removing politicians that do not perform.  The EU is not a system of democracy, you don’t get to vote who runs the European Union; it is by all intents and purposes a totalitarian regime run by despot dictators.

The EU is little more than a club for failed politicians; surely you must remember Neil Kinnock?  Yes the ex-leader of the Labour Party who failed to become Prime Minister got on a private jet at the taxpayer’s expense and was installed into power along with other despots from around Europe.

Mr. Kinnock, along with all the other imbeciles, continuously create legislation and directives that effectively strip away your democratic rights on a daily basis and none will be satisfied until they have totalitarian control.

The European Union is not really much of a trading partner at all, although that’s the way so many politicians like to sell it; it is however more like a retirement home but one where they continue to work at your expense in order to control every aspect of your life.

At we are not in the least bit surprised as to why UKIP is now taking centre stage in the European Parliamentary elections and where it’s an almost foregone conclusion that they will win.

The people of Britain are finally waking up to the fact that the European Union is attempting to remove Britain’s sovereign rights and in the process remove any traces of democracy.

If you think that statement is a little far-fetched then watch the video below and if you can be bothered to watch it in full you will the fully realise that Brussels is little more than a crime syndicate that you are forced to pay for.

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