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Eurocrats DEMAND UK Doubles Unemployment Benefit

Eurocrats DEMAND UK Doubles Unemployment Benefit

EUROCRATS DEMAND UK DOUBLES UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS – Over the last 18 months the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has toiled relentlessly in order to reduce the cost of welfare by introducing a number of reforms.

The results so far are looking remarkably good with more people now coming off welfare and getting back to work.

There are some people who feel that welfare reform is inhumane and that it’s only benefit is to save the taxpayer money whilst pushing the poor deeper into abject poverty.

Certainly the consensus of reducing the cost to the taxpayer is perfectly correct but I tell you now that welfare doesn’t make the poor any better off; in fact there’s sufficient evidence that clearly points out that welfare simply makes the poor even more impoverished, lazy, inept and above all despondent; is it any wonder why a recent study indicated that some 45% of the British public is now suffering from one form of clinical depression or another?


Half of UK Citizens Battling Depression

Human beings need a purpose and providing a welfare system whereby people feel entitled or where funds cannot be cut simply leads to despondency, laziness, ineptness and yes depression; this is the true cost of welfare and until we fully recognise and understand the damage welfare does to society then Britain will continue to flounder until it finally goes bankrupt.


Benefits Street: Viewers Complain of Documentary Glamorising Crime

That now leads me to the issue of finances.  Yes I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… welfare is the single most destructive element to any country’s financial health.

Take a look at the image below and note carefully the figure – £48.2 billion; that’s the amount of interest Britain has to pay on the amount of money it has to borrow in order to keep the welfare system afloat.

Benefit Spending UK

Anyone in their right mind can now see that you can only borrow so much before the debt becomes unmanageable and the UK is fast approaching that point.  Remember if the UK is subjected to the same fate as Greece then there will be no welfare or pensions; at that point people will simply starve to death or die from the cold – is that what welfare advocates really want for the UK?

We talk about human rights and humanity and yet there is nothing humane about allowing a population to simply live off the backs of others for eventually it will collapse and at that point any form of humanity will be put aside as people fight to survive.

Could it get any worse?…

Well, here we have the European Union once again demanding that our Government complies with their legislation and despite all the good that has come from the recent drive for welfare reform the EU wants it all reversed; I don’t know about you but it feels like the EU is adamant that Britain is pushed into bankruptcy.

Last night the EU ordered, yes ordered a demand if you will, that the UK DOUBLE dole payments.  According to The Council of Europe the amount of dole money the unemployed receive in the UK is ‘manifestly inadequate’.

Considering many receive more than those working on minimum wage this can only be viewed as probably the most offensive statement the EU has ever had the audacity to utter.

Basically the EU is sanctioning ‘entitlement’ and the ability to reward people for doing nothing; consider the points I made above; do you really think that more welfare is going to make any difference to the poor and do you think that doubling the cost will help the British economy?

According to The Council of Europe British ministers now are in breach of the European Social Charter.  Yes, it’s more legislation that removes our ability to govern our own sovereign state and furthermore could open the doors for those seeking benefits to take the Government to court in order to receive larger handouts.

Ministers, including Iain Duncan Smith, have clearly stated that if they obey the diktat from the Council, which by the way oversees the ever increasing controversial European Court of Human Rights, it would cost the British taxpayer billions of pounds, throw the economic recovery in turmoil and effectively see Britain staring bankruptcy in the face.

It is, as Mr. Duncan Smith pointed out, complete and utter lunacy and will simply increase the public’s call on an EU referendum before the EU is allowed to utterly devastate the UK.

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, said: ‘The Government can no longer stand by. They have got to say, “We’re sick to the back teeth of this interference, we’re going to withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights”.’

We found out this week that the House of Lords, with the help from Labour and the Liberal Democrats, that it’s now most unlikely legislation will be passed to allow for an EU referendum in 2017; despite the overwhelming democratic voice of the British public calling for such.

Such a move simply enforces my belief that our democracy no longer has the ability to government through a majority vote but rather simply our ability to vote in the next dictator who will continue to hand power over to the European Union.


British Public Likely to be DENIED EU Referendum in 2017

Given the statement by Philip Davis above I would venture to stay this is an understatement and that if the British public were provided with a modicum of democracy they would collectively put an end to the incessant meddling from the European Union by telling them that their interference is no longer sought or wanted; resulting in Britain finally breaking the chains of EU slavery and being free to administer its own affairs.

The European Union does nothing but support a bunch of overpaid dictators who have successfully bankrupted a number of sovereign nations including Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal and if they have their way they’ll add Britain to that list.

It’s time the British people marched upon No.10 and demanded their right to a free, open and democratic vote on whether we pull out of the European Union.

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