European Debt Crisis – More Truth in Humour than We Care to Admit

A satirical look at the European debt crisis with Roger, Financial Consultant and as funny as this might appear there’s more truth here than any EU politician would care to admit.

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  • razer

    Unconditional Love … Satire

    Hey … Romania! You want 20 Billion Euros?

    OK. Join the EU and we will see to it you get you a €2 Billion loan.
    “Do we have to pay it back?”

    Of course … BUT … you will be part of THE FAMILY. Me casa es su casa.
    “Uh … OK …My house is your house. Right? But what if we can’t make the payments?”

    Don’t worry. We are FAMILY. Your brothers and sisters in Europe will pay for you.
    “Cool ….. “


    • meebal

      :) Classic… but so very true.