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European Immigrants Favour UK as Top Destination

European Immigrants Favour UK as Top Destination

EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS FAVOUR UK AS TOP DESTINATION – As I read the report that declares the UK as the top destination for European immigrants I had to have a little chuckle for I wondered how much such a report cost the taxpayer in revealing what was already a foregone conclusion.

According to EU commissioners the idea of the UK being a magnet for benefits tourism is a myth; however according to some immigrants coming to the UK the benefits system is a crazy system and even sick in terms of just how much the Government will hand over in benefits and the ease in which it does so.


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Yes, it will come as little or no surprise that since Tony Blair opened the doors with the Borders Act in 2004, the UK has attracted a vast number of immigrants and in 2011 alone the UK took in over 76,000 more immigrants than Germany and twice as many as France; the net immigration figures stand at 566,044 and despite a number of EU commissioners berating the UK for their fears this report was issued by the EU statistics centre, Eurostat.

You would have to be more than a little detached from reality to think that people from poorer EU nations wouldn’t flock to other wealthier nations but in some instances this is actually beneficial for the UK.

The UK does have an aging population and in order to take adequate care of our elderly and continue providing pensions it must attract a younger workforce.

The emphasis here is on attracting workers not freeloaders but there is growing evidence that more and more potential immigrants are eying up the UK as a potential source of income from the benefits system.

What can we do about it?  There appears only one solution and that is to pull out of the EU and amend the immigration laws so that only those who have secured employment or who are highly skilled are permitted entry.

Such a move is not on the European Union’s agenda; in fact they would rather there were no restrictions so that the UK could be filled up with benefit tourists and in the process drive the UK into bankruptcy.

In turn this would eventually force the UK to beg for a bailout that would then allow the EU to impose even more restrictions and therefore garner more control over the UK’s affairs.

Cynical?  Well we would rather call it a reality for you only have to glance towards Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Ireland to see how they are now effectively controlled by their EU masters through the creation of uncontrollable debt… is this the fate that really awaits the UK?

David Cameron and his unholy alliance with Nick Clegg, vowed to reduce net migrant to levels seen in the 1990s and yet it has risen at an alarming rate.

This could be attributed directly to Nick Clegg who in his usual delusional state of mind remains convinced of a utopia of a cohesive multicultural society in which the state can care for every citizen from the cradle to the grave.

Despite Mr. Cameron’s claims of clamping down on immigration and renegotiating Britain’s position in the EU the reality is a very different affair.

Since June 2013 net immigration has risen to 182,000; a figure that under Mr. Cameron’s policies should have been halved.

The real perpetrator of this crime however can be laid squarely on the shoulders of Tony Blair, for his creation of the Borders Act came in 2004 and coincided with Poland’s and seven other Eastern European countries joining the European Union; this was one recipe that was merely designed to snub the opposition and Tony Blair remains unrepentant for the disastrous results despite former senior Labour politicians, including Jack Straw and David Blunkett, recently admitting it was the worst mistake a British Government had ever made.

Of course Tony Blair has effectively fled the UK leaving behind a trail of wreckage from both his insistence that an open door immigration policy was in line with EU aspirations and the bill for illegally invading a sovereign state and effectively murdering over 500,000 innocent men, women and children.

When the public thought the consequences of Mr. Blair’s actions couldn’t get any more offensive the UN, with a push from his EU counterparts, provided him with the position as UN Peace Envoy to the Middle East; yes it’s offensive to say the least but this is the true face of politics on a global scale.

Considering all we know about the EU and its ultimate goal of creating a despot totalitarian super state it is little surprising that the British public are now throwing more support behind UKIP for they might be the only political party who is willing and able to pull out of the EU and ultimately save the little that is left of Britain.

There is no doubt in my mind the British public desperately want a change and with the incessant lies and rhetoric coming from the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties many now feel that none are capable or rather willing to bow down to public sentiment and provide a democratic vote on our future with the EU.

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