European Union: A Move Towards a Totalitarian Super State

by Editor | May 3, 2014 1:15 am

EUROPEAN UNION: A MOVE TOWARDS A TOTALITARIAN SUPER STATE – UKIP is on the rise and now poised to take the May 22, EU elections by storm and they’ll achieve this because they are inextricably anti-European.

Pat Condell, an advocate of free speech and a euro sceptic, recently pointed out that the only reason why the European Union is still wielding power over Britain today is because this is the first generation that has never be subjected to a foreign power forcefully attempting to remove out democracy.

We continue to talk of independence and democracy and yet with each passing day the European Union creates yet another law or directive that effectively strips us of our independence and democracy.

There are some euro sceptics that now fear that within 10 years, if the EU hasn’t gone bust resulting open conflict, then the European Union would have transcended from a Union into a Super State and stripped away all rights of sovereignty.

Recently I was asked by PayPal to provide information on my account; it was as they said; ‘in compliance with European Union legislation on money laundering laws.’

It might not appear such an unusual request at first but I’m not European, I’m British and the last time I checked Britain was an independent sovereign nation with its own laws and yet this is one very small example how the European Union is affecting all of our lives.

Take a look at the video below.  It was actually made in 2010/11, note carefully the concerns and then consider how much has come to pass.

Now, more than ever, the British people need to take a step backwards and recognise the European Union for exactly what it is; a group of failed politicians who are narcissistic and who ultimately want to rule with an iron fist, strip away all member states identity and rule without anyone being able to challenge their grip on power… wasn’t we told that the Third Reich was defeated after the Second World War?

Today there are a number of Constitutional Lawyers who remain adamant that British politicians has effectively broken the law, that being treason.

It is their view that the constitution makes it perfectly clear that their allegiance is to the Queen which is not something that may be broken and therefore by handing over sovereign powers to the European Union they are effectively breaking their oaths to office and in doing so committing high treason to the Crown; this issue is covered in the video above.

Supporters of the European Union, generally the politicians who will eventually be paid by the European Union, will tell you that this article, along with the video, is merely scaremongering from those who don’t fully understand the European Union.

However, with the rise of UKIP, now more than ever the British public have been able to view a completely different side to the European Union and it is increasingly obvious its primary goal is that of totalitarian control where each member state will simply become a province of the European Union that is directed under the guidance from Germany and France.

UKIP might not be your cup of political tea but it is now clear that Labour, Tory and the Liberal Democrats won’t provide an EU referendum for it is not within their interest to do so.

We at now wait with almost baited breath to see whether UKIP does take the European elections by storm as predicted on May 22, 2014; for all our sakes its time that we listened to the voice of reason and pulled out of the European Union and then renegotiated a simple trade deal.

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