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European Union Moves to Grab More Power from Britain

European Union Moves to Grab More Power from Britain

EUROPEAN UNION MOVES TO GRAB MORE POWER FROM BRITAIN – Brussels has yet again been condemned by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling for its absurd proposals of bringing dozens of new European human rights into British law; the effect of which could see British businesses and Government being subjected to a deluge of claims.

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It was in 1998 that Ministers rejected the European Union’s controversial Charter of Fundamental Rights but now Brussels is moving to impose the charter on all EU member states which will result in European justice overriding British law.

“This country never wanted a charter of fundamental rights and the idea we would sign up to changes that meant it took over our domestic laws is absurd.” Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

It’s time that the British concluded that the original ideology of creating a system of free trade has long been laid to rest and been systematically replaced with an almost underhanded approach towards a totalitarian EU super state where the non-elected despot dictators rule with mountains of legislation that allows them to effectively fleece and control the British taxpayer; or indeed any other EU member state.

There can be little doubt that being a member of the European Union is not only affecting British culture but more importantly our laws and how these are administered.

The current democratic process is to vote in a Government who in turn creates legislation; unfortunately this is continuously usurped by non-elected EU commissioners who have created laws that effectively allow them to change our laws; the truth is that we are letting Britain slip through our fingers and handing ultimate power over to non-elected EU commissioners.

Look closely at the Human Rights Act 1998.  During its creation into our domestic law, large parts of the European Convention on Human Rights was incorporated but despite this, anything deemed controversial such as the deportation of a criminal, is inevitably referred to the European Court of Human Rights who in turn overturns any decision a British judge may have made to deport an individual.

It is clear from the numerous and on-going cases that British law has little if any affect within Britain and that our laws are continuously being pushed aside in favour of EU legislation.

Of course it doesn’t matter a fig to those despots in the EU for whilst they continue to force Britain to house Europe’s criminals and economic refugees, it doesn’t affect them at all.

It would be easy to view Britain today as little more than a refugee camp whereby all and sundry are supported by the taxpayer – it is unequivocally destroying the very fabric of society and there is only one solution… vote in UKIP and let us sever the ties with the EU all but for trade.

It is becoming apparent that the British public is waking up to the fact that David Cameron has no business running the country; he simply doesn’t have the knowledge or backbone for the job and he certainly won’t listen to the public and allow them the EU referendum they have been calling for – such is a clear and willful disregard for democracy in Britain.

As we rapidly move towards the next General Election the public’s voice is becoming louder in that they have no faith or trust in the Tory Party, Labour Party or Liberal Democrat Party and therefore an alternative needs to be found.

The alternative is of course UKIP but this is mainly an untried and untested political entity but as time marches on, the consensus appears to be that they can’t possibly do any more damage than the other political parties have over the last few decades and therefore worth considering.

With UKIPs drive to remove Britain from the grip of the European Union and tackle immigration on a mass scale many are beginning to feel that UKIP might be Britain’s last chance; either that or face the reality that Britain will be swallowed up by the EU and our Prime Minister turned into a mere ‘Steward’.

From what we continue to read it is apparent that more and more people are considering voting UKIP but the truth remains that it’s unlikely they’ll be able to gain sufficient seats in Parliament in order to form a Government.

We strongly suspect we’ll see yet another coalition Government in 2015 but as with this one, it will simply sink us further into debt and allow the EU to take further control.

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