European Union Wants Full Control Over Journalism

EUROPEAN UNION WANTS FULL CONTROL OVER JOURNALISM – According to a news report in the Daily Mail – Eurocrats want to run our press, the European Union wants to set up Media Councils so that it can control what information it provided to the general public. More disturbingly is that fact that they want to have the power to effectively sack those journalists that do no toe the line.

Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with this picture?  Why would the European Bureaucrats spend time, effort and the taxpayer’s money in producing any type of report of this nature?  Do the Eurocrats think for one moment that any right minded citizen would allow them to control our press?

It’s easy to see where this has stemmed from, considering all the controversy of the Leveson Enquiry, which phone hacking and all other forms of intrusion of privacy carried out by the press, but to think that an incident like this would in fact bring about the birth of press control via the Eurocrats is simply bonkers.

Let’s lay the cards on the table… How many Eurocrats are not corrupt and or have not fiddled their expenses and been caught with their hand in the cookie jar?  How many are totally incompetent, inept, ineffectual and downright moronic?

If anything really needs controlling it’s the EU’s stupidity that costs the taxpayer billions each year.  Let’s be frank, most of the Eurocrats are simply washed out, ineffective politicians who would be able to get a job stacking shelves at a supermarket and so the kindest thing to do is to give them a job in the EU, and what do we get for our kindness?

A plethora and ever ending stream, of total and unabated laws and rules to further control everything that goes on within the EU.

Considering Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande are keen to keep Britain within the UK – let’s be honest they need our taxpayers money to keep the who debacle afloat – they are in fact doing a sterling job of convincing the British people that now is the time to pull out of the EU and let the patients run their asylum any way they choose.

Although the press has its problems, like anything else in life, stifling it through councils and legislation is akin to creating a dictatorship.  I stongly belive in the Freedom of Free Speech and the Freedom of Express, it’s why I setup and run  While many online news sites restrict comments, for whatever reason, refuses to do so.

Regardless of whether we like the comments or not, each and every person who reads the content on this site has the right to be heard and voice their opinions as they wish.

When you look at the state of the EU, with all its interference and idiotic laws, all produced by people who simply would not be able to get a job in the real world, is it any wonder why the British people are insisting that the government give them a referendum.

While there are some reports floating around that a referendum might not bring about the exit of Europe, these reports mainly being compiled from the Eurocrats in order to lull the people into thinking that most would vote to opt-in – they are hoping for the Sheep Effect, that is if a enough people think others are voting to opt-in then they will vote the same way – it is obvious that our continued participation will only increase the power of the Eurocrats and with it allow them to control more of our lives, make us pay more from our earnings and put up with the fact that Britain will become the dumping ground for places like Bulgaria and Romania.

Once again the question needs to be asked – “Why David are we waiting until 2017 for a referendum?”

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