Evan Longoria Saves a Reporter from Injury

Evan Longoria Saves a Reporter from Injury

EVAN LONGORIA SAVES A REPORTER FROM INJURY – A reporter was interviewing Evan Longoria of the Tamper Bay Rays when his practising team mates struck a ball that came flying towards Evan and the reporter.

What is truly amazing here is that Evan was not facing the person batting at the time and his 6th sense simply took over and caught the baseball.  Catching a ball, travelling at that speed obviously hurt but without losing his cool, he simply turned around, tossed the ball back to his team mates say; “Hey guys keep it on the field.”

Remarkable composure and reflex are just incredible to watch, as you’ll see from the video below.

Seriously, was that not one of the most amazing things you have even seen?  How he managed to keep his cool and composure is beyond me as I think I might have been a little upset and I’m sure his hand hurt like hell.  I will admit I have watched this video footage several times and I am still amazed at how he managed to know, or see, the ball coming.

All I can say is that the reporter was extremely fortunate that Mr. Longoria did manage to catch the ball, considering it would have hit her on the head and caused serious injury, if not ended her life. Way to go Evan!

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