Evangelical Minister Claims to Have Captured an Angel on Video

EVANGELICAL MINISTER CLAIMS TO HAVE CAPTURED AN ANGEL ON VIDEO – It is certainly not unusual to hear of a Church Minister believing in God and Angels but one Evangelical Minister in Charleston, West Virginia now claims to have captured an angel on his CCTV camera.

According to Charles Shelton, 48, he now believes he has unequivocal evidence that God and indeed Angels exist after one appeared outside his house at 3 a.m on the 4th August 2013.

According to Mr. Shelton he was awoken by noises outside of this home so ventured downstairs to investigate.

Angel Caught on CCTV

Mr. Shelton admits that the neighborhood is a rough one and suspected it might be youths prowling around his property.

Deciding to play safe he checked on his recently installed home surveillance equipment and could hear voices; of what appeared to be a group of young men outside his home.

Then, without warning, a bright beam of light appeared across the camera, not once but twice.

According to Mr. Shelton the light passed the CCTV camera and then disappeared into his living room; although he didn’t go into the living room to investigate but rather sat watching the CCTV monitor.

Mr. Shelton reported as being astonished and that The Lord revealed to him that this was indeed an Angel in his presence.

After the experience Mr. Shelton decided to keep the revelation to himself but after praying about the event he was convinced that God wanted him to share his knowledge with everyone and therefore he told his wife, community and blog fans about his experience.

According to Mr. Shelton this is not the first time God has shown him Angels and this recent event only goes further to cement his belief in a higher power.

Skeptics have labeled the video as non-conclusive and report that considering Mr. Shelton heard voices by a group of youths outside his property the light was, in all probability, a high power torch, which was shined at the CCTV camera in order to block out the identification of the person prowling around his property.

Mr. Shelton has responded to his critics as being cynical and refusing to believe that God is still in our midst.

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