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Expenses Cheat MP Denis MacShane Released from Jail After Just Six Weeks

Expenses Cheat MP Denis MacShane Released from Jail After Just Six Weeks

EXPENSES CHEAT MP DENIS MACSHANE RELEASED FROM JAIL AFTER JUST SIX WEEKS – Former Labour MP Denis MacShane and boyfriend of Vicky Pryce was jailed for six months after being found guilty of fraudulently claiming £12,900 in parliamentary expenses.

After serving just six weeks Mr. MacShane has been released and took immediately to twitter to thank prosecutors for a ‘fascinating time’ behind bars.

Nobody should really be surprised, after all we’ve come to accept that our judicial system is little more than a farce and his girlfriend, ex-wife of ex-minister Chris Huhne, Vicky Pryce served just eight weeks of an eight month sentence; the same amount of time as Chris Huhne.

Considering what Mr. MacShane stole from the taxpayer it works out at £2,150 for every week he was imprisoned. Of course if he’d spent the entire six months it would have equated to £496.00 per week and either way you cut it such a sum is a damned sight more than anyone working on minimum wage will see.

It must make people wonder why the Crown bothered to prosecute Mr. MacShane in the first place for it no doubt cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds to do so and like Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne he’ll probably end up with a lucrative job offer or be back walking the halls of Westminster.

You might of course be thinking that six weeks behind bars actually taught Mr. MacShane a lesson; after all it can’t be nice being locked up but according to Mr. MacShane he had a great time and even declared that ‘prison was the place to go to lose weight and get fit’.

Considering our current system of justice, that being rehabilitation in preference to punishment, does anyone actually think Mr. MacShane has been rehabilitated?

The answer providing you’re not engaging in any form of substance abuse has to be no for it is clear from Mr. MacShane’s attitude and remarks that spending time inside was nothing short of a walk in the park as he declared the whole experience to be fascinating and beneficial to his waistline; a waistline that the taxpayer so generously attributed to by way of theft.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror Mr. MacShane told reporters that he didn’t want to discuss his fraudulent activities, no he feels he has paid his debt to society, and he didn’t want to talk about all the other MPs that he has knowledge of whereby they are also fiddling their expenses but have never been held to account.

According to Mr. MacShane he met some very good people inside; well birds of a feather and all that and no doubt I suspect he’ll be right back in the fold before too long with all the other crooks in Westminster.

If Mr. MacShane’s nature is anything like that of the other convicted criminal who he is currently dating, that being Vicky Pryce, he too will end up penning a book – Mr. MacShane did state that he took extensive notes whilst serving his time in order to reflect on life.

So there you have it; another dishonest politician imprisoned and freed within weeks and yes it won’t come as much of a surprise if he announces in a week or two that he’s been given some boardroom position or that he’s been taken back into the fold in Westminster.

Despite Mr. MacShane’s claims of knowing of other MPs who are stealing from the taxpayer I would suggest that his unwillingness to squeal is his future meal ticket and simply goes to show that there is no morality or integrity within Westminster.

Regardless of our views the politicians will continue to moan and berate the public for having little or no trust in their abilities or activities and in their blindness continued to be bemused as to the core reasons; it’s obvious that they consider fraud as a perk of the job.

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