Facebook: Built By Smart People and Used By Morons

FACEBOOK: BUILT BY SMART PEOPLE AND USED BY MORONS – Before I get started on my synopsis I want you to carefully look at the comic strip below, that was created by joyoftech.com. Thanks Joyoftech, a really excellent comic strip!

Carefully look at the comic strip below, that was created by joyoftech.com. Thanks Joyoftech, a really excellent comic strip!

Yes I am sure you found that little treasure amusing and as the old saying goes, a lot of truth can be found in sarcasm and humor.

So, ask yourself, and be honest about it, have you ever read a single word of the Privacy Policies of Facebook?  Have you any idea what it details, what rights you have, what you can and cannot post on Facebook?

Now answer this next part… Do you think it’s absolutely necessary for Facebook to have a Privacy Policy?

If you answer No, to the first part, and Yes, to the second part then you are most definitely a moron.  In fact I would go as far as saying you shouldn’t be allowed near a light switch, let alone a computer.

Why?  Take a look again at the comic strip – there is probably more truth to this than your tiny brain can comprehend, so I’ll break it down for you, and I won’t use any big words… promise.
¤  Why does Facebook, or any other company for that matter, bother to produce, at great expense, Privacy Policies and Terms when the morons that use the system does not even bother to read or follow them?  I have come to the conclusion it is most likely due to the fact that most cannot read.

¤  Note again the comic strip and try to understand just how much money Facebook is wasting each year just to keep the lawmakers happy.  Certainly most morons using Facebook don’t care if they exist or not as they are hardly ever accessed – and certainly not by the morons.

¤  Think about the environment.  Are you one of those who feel we are destroying our planet with the rising wave of CO2 emissions? OK, well you might not be a moron after all but then again you might be one of those whining morons who insist on a privacy policy even though you don’t actually have a clue what they are above.  Again, the comic strip points out the huge CPU usage – that Computer Processing Unit, the bit that processes the commands you type or click with your mouse – oh, never mind it just makes your computer work and work fast.

Right now you’re either putting your hands in your head and finally realizing what a moron you are; or you calling me a number of unsavory names, mostly to do with my mother and sexual preferences.

That’s OK, because I’ve never met a moron yet that could insult me on an intelligent level which only goes to enforce my belief and your status as a moron.

For those of you who have stuck around and want to improve on your levels of intelligence then here’s Facebook’s Privacy Policy – I must warn you that it is likely you will fall asleep well before getting to the end.

There are other reasons why I think most Facebook users are morons.  I just fail to understand why they need to disclose, private information, and then bitch about Facebook’s Privacy Policy updates, which they have never even bothered to read.

Yes I do have a Facebook account and yes I have read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  However, I really need not have bothered as I am not one of these people who feel the need to share private information with all of my friends and I am certainly not into sharing acts of stupidity, such as the one I featured in the article Only Crap Goes Viral on Facebook.

In most cases of Facebook use I fail to see the attraction as to why the morons that use it feel they are some type of bastion of freedom of expression or that they have the power to change the world through what they write and share, which quite frankly is a total waste of time and effort.

The conclusion here is that most Facebook users are not only morons, they are sad morons with nothing better to do than to spread garbage around the social networks and share the intimate details of their sad little lives.

Please folks, it’s fine to express yourself, but try to keep it in perspective and try to realize that nobody really cares what color your poo was or whether Herbert the Hamster has herpes.

Get a grip – keep it real

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