Facebook to Censor Images of the Prophet Mohammed

Facebook to Censor Images of the Prophet Mohammed

Facebook has reportedly agreed to censor cartoons of Prophet Mohammed just two weeks after its founder defended the right to free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks.

The social network made the decision after Turkish authorities threatened to block the site entirely if it did not remove the images – some of which come from Charlie Hebdo magazine.

The dramatic about-face will be personally embarrassing for Zuckerberg, coming weeks after he defiantly said: ‘[Facebook] will never let one country or group dictate what people can share.’

Source: Daily Mail


Free speech is not politically correct … scrap that … free speech is not profitable.

That’s the truth of the matter for despite Mark Zuckerberg declaring that Facebook will never let one country or group dictate what people can share he’s turned around and put Facebook’s profits before his fundamental beliefs; and people wonder why I’m not a fan of Facebook.

All it took was a threat by the Turkish authorities to block Facebook and potentially deny it of revenue and Mark Zuckerberg like most others will put his tail between his legs and run for the hills … I guess being worth approximately £50 billion is not enough and certainly any downturn in profit would see his board of directors calling for him to step down; of course that’s not going to happen because Mark Zuckerberg retains controlling interest.

You cannot ever put a price on free speech; it is and will always remain the lifeblood of democracy and was the underlying principle as to why I started meebal.com … giving the people the right to freely express themselves should be paramount to freedom itself.

It’s happening all around us, the mainstream media is being silenced by political correctness and is the fundamental reason behind the rise in ‘alternative media’.

Yes I know we might appear like a bunch of crackpots or conspiracy theorists but that’s only because you have been brainwashed by those who don’t want you to think critically.

A few days ago a number appeared in the sidebar of meebal.com right at the top; go take a look.  Since the number appeared we’ve had several emails asking us what the number refers to … some thought it was some kind of code or biblical reference.

It is nothing of the kind but rather what meebal.com has generated in revenue since its launch in 2013.  Yes in the two years we’ve been operational we amassed just over £200 and yet we continue to pay the operational costs privately so that you can freely express yourself without let or hindrance … it is after all your democratic right to do so.

By all means carry on using the likes of Facebook and posting whatever you like but remember if it’s not another stupid picture of an angry cat or detailing your state of mind then it’s likely it’ll be banned.

You may agree or disagree with anything that has been said here; that is your democratic right and your right to free expression but remember there are few sites such as meebal.com that will not sensor content under any conditions.

If you have something to add to this then please leave your point of view below.

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