Failing Criminal Justice System in the UK

FAILING CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THE UK – What you are about to read will unlikely shock you as our justice system continues to fail the public in punishing those who commit crime.

In a recent report it was stated that nearly 8,000 criminals that were eventually jailed received no less than 11 or more community service sentences, before being finally locked up.

In a recent report it was stated that nearly 8,000 criminals that were eventually jailed received no less than 11 or more community service sentences, before being finally locked up.

Surprised?  Shock?  I would have to say that neither is likely considering the amount of press criminal activity receives in the UK and the amount of press is no surprise when we know that the UK has the highest violent crime rate in the whole of Europe.

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The Centre for Crime Prevention reported that nearly 108,000 custodial sentences were handed down in the financial year 2011/2012 and that of these some ¾ had already received at least one community service sentence.

How effective is the Community Service Sentencing, in relation to reducing crime?  From the figures it is plainly obvious that it is not an effective type of punishment.  Again, according to the published figures, some 64% of the above had at least two community sentences and the remaining 36% had received over five.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that our ‘Liberal’ way of thinking and dealing with criminals does not work and yet the government or the British people still remain perplexed as to what should be done.

Perplexed or inept? How can we be perplexed?  We only have to look back in history and the types of punishment available to see that there was less crime when both Corporal and Capital Punishment was an option.

What is wrong with putting to death a murder or rapist?  What is wrong with a Headmaster caning a student for misbehaving?

You might be thinking that I am some kind of draconian monster for even suggesting a thing but that’s because you have been brainwashed by the ‘Liberal’ left into thinking that all criminals are simply people crying out for help – where in fact the only tears they shed is that of laughter for the current criminal system.

Britian the most violent country in Europe - Table Showing the UK as No.1 most violent country in Europe.

The other argument I often hear is that our Judges are failing us by handing out such light or non-existent sentences.  It is these views and opinions that once again enforce my belief of just how ignorant the British people are.  Who do you think makes the law that the judges have to abide by?  That’s right the government.  Who voted the government in power?  That’s right you did.

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Sitting High Court Judge who's powers of justice are strictly limited by over bearing UK legislation.The fault and blame of our failing justice system and the rise in crime lies squarely at the feet of the British public.  The British wanted to appear as the humanitarians of the world through their liberal indoctrination, resulting in a country with the highest levels of violent crime and a system that cannot stop it unless the people make a stance and bring back both Corporal and Capital punishment.

I guarantee you this… reintroduce Public Flogging and see how many of our criminals reoffend. The deterrent of crime must be harsh, unwavering and precise and then, and only then, will the British people not only achieve justice but will also reduce the crime rate dramatically.

It’s time to put aside the ‘Liberal’ ideology as this clearly does not work and reintroduce real punishment that our judges can hand down to those who wish to engage in criminal activates.

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